In addition to a Board of Directors and 10 Area Boards, FMB members across the UK help to inform the FMB’s policy work and oversee the organisation’s business operations through dedicated member groups and committees. 


Policy groups 

The FMB has a series of member groups which advise FMB staff on the challenges that small and medium-sized builders face and help propose and develop solutions to overcoming them. They play a key role in raising the credibility, influence and profile of the FMB.

Home Builders Group

The Home Builders Group is comprised of members who build new homes, either as contractors or developers. It’s purpose is to help ensure that the FMB is regarded as the authority on housing and planning policy issues affecting the SME construction sector, and that government policymaking is in the best interests of FMB members. The group has a responsibility to make members aware of best practice in the housing market.

Chair: Adrian Swan, Swan Homes 
Staff contact: FMB Public Affairs Team, [email protected] 

Trailblazer Group

Acting on the findings of our recently published Trading Up Report, the FMB has set up a Trailblazer Group, to work alongside The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education with an aim to establish a multi-trade apprenticeship. A high quality, multi-trade apprenticeship would support many members in their efforts to recruit tradespeople with a host of on-site skills. The group is open to new members. If you are eager to support the development of a multi-trade apprenticeship, please email [email protected].

Chair: Annie Summun, Kisiel Group Ltd
Staff contact: FMB Public Affairs Team, [email protected] 

Training Group

The FMB Training Group is comprised of members who are passionate about training the next generation to tradespeople to a high standard. Its purpose is to promote and encourage educational and training projects within the construction industry, with a particular focus on apprenticeships and how to attract new entrants into the industry. Representatives from the Department for Education and the Construction Industry Training Board also contribute to this group.

Chair: Annie Summun, Kisiel Group Ltd
Staff contact: FMB Public Affairs Team, [email protected] 

Industry Group: Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council

The Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council (BATJIC) is a partnership between Unite the union, representing employees, and the FMB, representing employers. While this is not an FMB member group, the aim of BATJIC is to maintain good industrial relations in the workplace. Each year, the National Conditions of Employment and Wage Rates, which together form a Working Rule Agreement, are negotiated by BATJIC. For more information on BATJIC, please email [email protected]


Operational committees

The role of the operational committees is to oversee aspects of the FMB's activities. Each is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors.

Audit and Risk Committee

With membership including a Board Director and an independent voluntary non-executive director, the FMB’s Audit and Risk Committee is appointed to monitor and investigate any aspect of the company’s financial statements and to review the work of the external auditors. The committee’s purpose is also to review the risk register.

Chair: Paul Tedder, Atlantic Dwellings Ltd
FMB contact: Brian Berry, Chief Executive 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the FMB Board in supervising the overall direction of the FMB’s financial affairs at a strategic level. It also provides a forum for more detailed consideration of the FMB’s financial strategy and financial risk as well acting as a sounding board for discussion with management.

Chair: Annie Summun, Kisiel Group Ltd
FMB contact: Brian Berry, Chief Executive

National Appeals Committee

The National Appeals Committee consists of the FMB’s national presidential team, including the National President, Vice President and Immediate Past President, who hear and decide on any appeal by a member against a decision by the Standards Committee to expel that member.   

Chair: Janet Etchells, Syntonic Kitchen Technicians Limited
FMB contact: Brian Berry, Chief Executive

Property Steering Group

The Property Steering Group oversees the management of the FMB’s property portfolio which consists of investment properties and office accommodation. It also advises on strategic investment opportunities.

Chair: Arthur McArdle, Woodfield Building Services (Staffs) Ltd
FMB contact: Caroline Hughes, Director of Support Services

Standards Committee

The purpose of the Standards Committee is to protect the reputation and interests of the FMB, its members, and consumers. The committee is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors, and is comprised of member companies as well as independent representatives. The committee investigates complaints against members, which have not reached a resolution through mediation, and regularly reviews the FMB's Code of Conduct, which all members agree to adhere to when joining.

Chair: Rob Clark, Broadfield Construction NW Ltd
FMB contact: Hayley Lorimer, Director of Membership Services

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