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As a design/build company, we take a holistic approach to all of our projects. From conception to completion, we ensure that all aspects of our client’s needs are met by our team, working in unison to guarantee the synergetic success between space and material.

Having notable works present in many locations around the globe, we have garnered international recognition with award-winning designs. Included in this is: being a winner of the 2013 World Interior News (WIN) Awards for Hamam Jazz Bar; our participation in the 13th Architectural Biennale in Venice 2012; being the recipients of the award for Architectural innovation by the Kosovan Architectural Association; and having been named as one of the Top 50 eco-sustainable firms in the UK by Open Cities in 2009.

Through vision, and a fundamental dedication to provide the best innovation, 4M Group is a thriving organisation delivering contemporary and complex solutions across private and public sectors, both UK wide and internationally.

Case Studies


Sutherland Avenue


With a pragmatic shuffle of an originally awkward design, 4M managed to breathe new life into this once derelict and deteriorating property.



Working closely with the client, 4M’s Architects and Constructionists refurbished this 2,150 sq.ft. ground and lower floor apartment, to emanate the resolve of a polished gallery aesthetic – while still allowing the warmth and secure comfort of a growing family home.



It was a dramatic makeover, and included an extension to incorporate three additional bedrooms.



The staircase, which originally cut the living space in two, was repositioned to the party wall, leaving an unobstructed open plan ground floor kitchen, dining, and living space - which amplified the luminosity throughout the floor.



The colour palette for this area - including the porcelain tiled flooring underfoot - gleaned of clinical white, the perfect blank canvas for which to be punctured by shocks of contrast and colour.



4M’s bespoke service enabled the clients to customise this styled design style to accommodate cherished pieces of artwork and sculptures - details for which were so finely tuned, that they even included specific lighting requirements and positioning for maximum visual impact.



Wooden clad storage spaces were incorporated into the newly created bedrooms, to match the ashen earth green colour scheme of their feature walls – partitioned selectively to provide 3D styled viewing of  artistic appreciation.



In its completion this reinvented home was the perfect accompaniment to showcase the owners love for art – as well as being the comforting den for family.


Chelsea Square


Splendour, Elegance and Precision – are the cornerstone dependencies in any resume of a Georgian property.



With respect for the fellow artisans of the past, the aim was not to eradicate the historic Georgian design, but merely to enhance around the classic architecture and cornices, whilst honouring its nostalgic integrity, with a splash of fresh modernity.



In 2009, the chance to relive its glory days was revealed, when  4M was given the honour of regenerating the tired home - the perfect opportunity for 4M to showcase not only its skill for residential couture, but also its passion for architectural history and the respect that must be paid to it.



The mammoth 5,000 sq. ft. property took 12 months to transmogrify, from its earliest sketches, to the finished product.



All of the interior was hollowed out, to be totally revitalised by our 4M team. The only thing left untouched, was the commanding staircase, left to stand in all of its Georgian-styled glory.



To expand on living space area, an additional basement level was excavated out by our construction team, creating a room for a theatre and a gym, whilst the lower ground floor was utilised for its availability to extend into the garden, and also creating a light well to bring in natural light.



The interior design and materials used were a mixture of both 4M bespoke and manufactured. In the kitchen, whist the floor marvelled with immaculate French white limestone – the doors and joinery elements were all designed and created especially to fit the house. Similarly, on the master bedroom level, the bath was created using book matched Calcutta stone which was selected on the quarry.



Merging with technical innovation, a state of the art audio visual system was installed - capable of linking all appliances together - including the blinds, lights, temperature gauges and all appliances.



Exhibited in every room, with ergonomic ease is 4M’s talent for finding the perfect symphony of materials and space. Each room, whilst individualised is purposeful, seamless energy flowing effortlessly between its parallelism ensured perfection.  



The end result? A proud archaic gem, laced with the contemporary, but that honours and encompasses all the values of the Georgian spirit. Although hidden to the uninformed–beneath the aging brick facade - lies a regenerated masterpiece. 

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