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In the UK, any person or company is legally allowed to undertake construction work without having to demonstrate a minimum level of competence. This means that our construction industry is not as safe, professional or productive as it might otherwise be.

We believe this is wrong. We are campaigning for a licencing scheme of the UK construction industry as part of our commitment to standards. Licensing has the potential to professionalise our sector, improve its image, and increase the quality of the built environment. Removing rogue traders from the industry is the best way to deliver the high levels of protection from poor quality builders and tradespeople that consumers deserve.

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Downloadable guide on Licensing UK construction

Find out more about the FMB’s campaign to license builders by downloading this guide.

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Licence to build: A pathway to licensing UK construction

Our research report looks at the potential benefits of introducing a mandatory licencing scheme for UK construction.


Raising the bar

Our research report sets out a post Grenfell agenda for quality and professionalism in construction.

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Untangling the web of licensing

Designing and implementing a mandatory licensing framework for the UK construction industry won’t be simple but the effort will be worth it, says Liz Peace.

How we are representing your views

86% of FMB members would support the introduction of a licensing scheme. 
We know that consumer fear over hiring an incompetent tradespeople is hampering market activity.
Increasing consumer confidence by mandating Government-endorsed quality marks will help address this.



We established the Licensing Task Force, a cross-industry group chaired by Liz Peace, that is developing the blueprint for a licensing scheme. In the context of the current programme of economic support targeted at our recovery from the coronavirus, the Task Force is considering how a licensing scheme might help provide a safeguard for both government investment and consumers.

To find out more about Licence UK construction, you can visit the campaign microsite, or to stay in touch with the campaign, sign up for newsletters by emailing [email protected].


After lobbying the Conservative Party in Wales, they agreed to work with the UK Government to implement a licensing system for construction, and committed to this in their Housing a Nation report.

Northern Ireland

We sit on a working group focused on building control, at a time when Northern Ireland is improving current standards. As part of this programme we have continued to highlight the need for a licensing scheme.


As a member of the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Futures Board, we are working to improve the performance, expertise, resilience and sustainability of the Scottish building standards services. The Board is also exploring how a licensing scheme for UK construction firms would operate in Scotland.

Key achievements 

  • We’ve won the support of MPs across the Commons, and secured coverage in national and trade press on the issue.
  • Our members have helped us launch the report at a bustling reception in the House of Lords, where the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Shadow Housing Secretary spoke to the merits of licensing.
  • Together with the Licensing Task Force, we have held four meetings that aim to build industry consensus on what licensing should look like.

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