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  • Sub-standard plywood: staying safe

    While there are many potential hazards to check on site, there’s one you can remove by asking the right questions when buying from your builders’ merchant. No-one wants to expose themselves or their staff to falling through a sub-standard piece of plywood, so it’s important to check you have the right product for the build situation.
  • Building a better future

    At the British Building Conference a wide range of people ... will come together to discuss and debate some of the greatest threats and opportunities facing our industry
  • A Smarter Approach to Building

    Build Aviator offers a range of services for each stage of the build process. From support with your product specifications, to assistance with testing upon completion, to help you with a smooth route to building control sign off.
  • A personal journey and a lesson for us all: why mental health matters in the workplace

    Last year Construction News launched an annual survey to measure how well the construction industry is performing in recognising and helping with the mental health of its workers. The results were shocking: 30% of construction professionals have taken time off due to mental health issues or stress; 63% did not tell their employer that this was the reason for their absence; and 24% have considered taking their own life.
  • Getting the treatment right

    The words ‘Use Class’ sound as if they have more to do with illicit substances than timber products, but making sure the ‘treated timber’ you buy is appropriate to the end use – the Use Class – that you intend is vital to your safety and that of your team. It also makes a critical difference to how long certain timber products will last.

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