The FMB’s most well-known TV star is most likely the ‘Great British Bake Offs’ Richard Burr, who proved as handy with a pastry brush as he did with a trowel. The ‘builder baker’, famous for his rhubarb and custard doughnuts, could regularly be seen on screen in full surveyor mode with a pencil behind his ear, demonstrating that the art of measuring a concrete mix isn’t a million miles off from that of a pudding mix.

A number of FMB members have been featured in more ‘conventional’ shows in recent years. Chris Payne, of C J Payne Home Improvements Ltd, was the go to saviour builder on ITV’s ‘Bad builders bang to right’, and has gone on to film ‘Cowboy builders and bodge jobs’, on which he helps families salvage disaster projects. Chris says the show has done wonders for his company. “The enquiries really came flooding in after I was on ITV, and even though I’m based in Chester, we were being contacted by people as far away as Scotland and London. As a bit of promotion, those shows have been fantastic for my company.”

On top of that, earlier in 2017, Dalgety Joiners was featured on Channel 4’s ‘Building the dream’, helping deliver a stunning self-build project in Fife, overlooking the iconic Forth Bridge. London based member Absolute Lofts has also featured on Channel 4, appearing on ‘Double your house for half the money.’

The FMB is a recognised brand among TV production companies and as such, we get approached regularly by producers who are trying to find talented “TV-friendly” builders. This gives us the opportunity to put forwards our members for high-profile shows that could launch you into celebrity stardom. One of the reasons we’re so attractive to TV programmes is our vigorous vetting and inspection process – it gives us a lot of credibility in the eyes of these producers. They want to know they are working with the very best builders.

We’re always keen to get Master Builders on the box, so if you’re interested in finding out more about the kind of media opportunities that could be available to you, why not get in touch with our External Affairs team. You can reach them at [email protected].