The space we live in has a huge influence on the way we feel. This is why interior design and home décor blogs are so popular and architects can charge a premium for designing, and redesigning our dream homes. So how can we use this knowledge to create the ideal space within our own home?


A cluttered home can leave us feeling anxious and out of control.  Decluttering your home from those things you don’t need can be a liberating and fulfilling experience – and you may even find some cherished items you’d forgotten about in the process. Imagine you were to move tomorrow and you had to pack, and find space for, perhaps even pay removal costs for, everything you owned – what would you keep? One mantra people often use to decide what to keep and what to throw away is “Do I need it? Do I love it?” Check out this Guardian article for an easy guide.

Buy quality things that uplift you

Now you’ve decluttered, you can replace old items with things you love. Avoid buying tat – remind yourself of the time you spent decluttering your home and ask yourself – does it have a function, and do you love it? It’s great to invest in items that will help you enjoy your time in your home further – whether that’s a surround sound TV system, a barbeque or expensive bedding.

Celebrate your treasured possessions

Items of sentimental value that bring you happiness can be displayed around the home rather than hidden away in cabinets – whether that’s a treasured trinket from a Grandparent or a weird statue you bought on a favourite holiday.

Have a home for everything

No more piles! Piles are just mess that you’re lying to yourself about. If everything you own has a home, your house will look tidier and it will be easier to keep it that way.

Tidy as you go

Do you seem to dedicate days to tidying your home? Learning a few tips on efficient tidying could save you hours and free up your weekend for more important pursuits – such as doing nothing.  Life coachMarilyn Paul suggests always spending 3 minutes clearing a room before you leave it to “bring it back to ready”.


The colours we surround ourselves with in the home can influence our mood. Pale greens and greys often come out top choice for decorating a bedroom. For further information about the psychology of colour in the home check out our recent blog.