Boiler cover. A hand adjusting a central heating gas boiler at home.

Boiler cover can range from basic boiler insurance to the inclusion of drains, plumbing and electrical wiring systems. (Image credit: Adobe)

If you’ve invested in a new combi boiler installation, boiler cover is an important addition. It ensures that the insurance provider is committed to fixing the problem if something goes wrong with your boiler. Policies can also include your annual boiler service, your heating system and, in some cases, plumbing. 

With a range of policy options available, we take a closer look at what your policy should include and annual costs and compare boiler insurance companies.

Types of boiler cover

There are three main types of boiler cover available:

  • Boiler breakdown cover
  • Full central heating cover
  • Full central heating cover plus the drainage and electrical wiring systems throughout the property 

Boiler breakdown cover

This is the most basic type of cover and only protects the boiler; it is, however, the cheapest option. Some policies include annual servicing as part of the deal or for an additional small fee.

Full central heating cover

Although pricier, full central heating cover protects the boiler, flue, radiators, pipes and plumbing. Most policies include the annual boiler service in the price. 

Full central heating cover plus drains and electrical wiring

These policies cover not only your central heating system but also your drains and electrical wiring system. As such, they are generally the most expensive option.

Does home insurance cover boilers?

Although most standard home insurance policies don’t cover the cost of repairing or replacing your boiler, some will offer this as an insurance add-on. Often termed emergency home cover, this is a popular choice with homeowners who already have home insurance cover in place.

How much does boiler cover cost?

Just as with other types of insurance, the prices for boiler cover can vary between providers, and factors that impact cost include the age of your boiler and heating system and where you live in the country. There is also wide variation on what each provider offers, with some carrying out repairs of up to £1,500 in value, and others paying towards a replacement boiler. 

The table below lists the average costs for December 2022.

ProviderExcess per claimCost per month (Annual cost)Additional informationTrustpilot score
Worcester (Maintenance and Support Plan)Information not available£15.67 (£188)Repairs up to £1,500, access to Domestic & General’s Boiler Care portal and the dedicated Contact CentreWorcester 4.6 Domestic & General 4.0
British Gas (Basic – covers boiler, annual service)£60£19Cover provided through HomeCareBritish Gas 3.4 HomeCare – average 1.0
British Gas (Essential – covers boiler, annual service, central heating)£60£18.38Repairs up to £1,000 to gas central heating system, including boiler, controls, radiators and hot water cylinder. Cover provided through HomeCareBritish Gas 3.4 HomeCare – average 1.0
British Gas (Classic – covers boiler, annual service, central heating, plumbing, drains)£60£21.88Repairs up to £1,000 to central heating system, plumbing system in your home and outbuildings and the water supply pipe. Unblocking and repairing your drains and waste pipes. Cover provided through HomeCareBritish Gas 3.4 HomeCare – average 1.0
British Gas (Complete – covers boiler, annual service, central heating, plumbing, drains, electric system)£60£23.63Repairs up to £1,000 to central heating, plumbing and drainage systems, mains electrical system and wiring in your home and outbuildings. Repairs or replacement of your electric vehicle charger unit following breakdown, accidental damage, vandalism or theft. Cover provided through HomeCareBritish Gas 3.4 HomeCare – average 1.0
British Gas (Boiler)£99£3Repairs up to £1,000 to your gas boiler and controls, including your thermostat and programmer. Annual service excluded. Cover provided through HomeCareBritish Gas 3.4 HomeCare – average 1.0
Scottish Power (Boiler)£99£3.50Up to £1,500 for boiler repairs, up to £750 towards a replacement boiler if necessary through Domestic & GeneralScottish Power 3.3 Domestic & General 4.0
E.ON (Boiler)£100£7.99Partnered with HomeServe, boilers under 7 years old replaced for free if necessary, access to helpline 365 daysE.ON 3.5 HomeServe 4.3
EDF Energy (Boiler)£95£5.20A replacement boiler up to £750 if required (installation costs not included), access to Domestic & General maintenance portalEDF Energy 4.2 Domestic & General 4.0
Vaillant (Boiler)Information not available£57.15 for a 6-month contractRepairs up to £1,500, access to helpline 365 days, through Domestic & GeneralVaillant 4.5 Domestic & General 4.0

How to buy boiler cover

  1. Decide which level of cover you require

    If you have installed a replacement boiler, check what the guarantee covers, as this can determine which level of boiler cover you need. If your boiler is covered for repairs and breakdowns under its warranty, you may decide just to purchase insurance for your central heating system with basic cover and annual services for your boiler. For an older boiler, a full cover policy that includes annual services, central heating and plumbing is worth considering. 

  2. Do you want the annual boiler service included in your policy?

    An annual boiler service is essential to ensure it’s running safely and as efficiently as possible. In rental properties, it’s a legal requirement to have the boiler regularly serviced. If your boiler is gas, a registered Gas Safe engineer must undertake the work, while a qualified electrician can check an electric boiler.

    The average price you’ll pay for a service is around £80, so picking a policy that includes the annual check-up can save you costs and ensure your boiler is well-maintained.  

  3. Decide on the amount of excess per claim

    With most insurance policies, you’ll have to pay a certain amount towards the overall costs every time you claim. This is called an excess. Generally, the higher the excess you agree to, the lower your monthly premiums.

    If your boiler is reliable and you think there’s only a slim chance you’ll need to make a claim, a policy with a higher excess will keep your monthly costs down. However, if you’ve had boiler issues in the past, or problems with your central heating, plumbing, electrics or drains, you may gain more peace of mind by taking out a policy with a higher monthly premium that covers all of these systems. This could work out to be better value if you need to make one or more claims a year, which is a possibility if you’re covering multiple products. 

  4. Check the policy details

    Some policies have an introductory offer for the first year, with prices rising thereafter, so always check with the provider before you commit to a policy how much the premiums will be after the first 12 months of boiler cover. Don’t be afraid to shop around or haggle for a better deal if you do see the prices rising. 

Boiler cover exclusions

Boiler cover. Gas boiler and electric water heater. Home furnace, tank isolated on blue background. System of combi heating. Smart gas boiler with burner for heat water with hot, cold pipe and control.

Always read the small print on your boiler cover documents to check exactly what you’re covered for. (Image credit: Adobe)

Check what is included in any boiler cover policy you’re considering, as a basic policy may not cover certain issues, such as a complete system flush. This is often necessary when a build-up of sludge develops inside your heating system, and can cost several hundred pounds. 

Providers sometimes place a limit on the repair costs you are permitted per year, typically £1,500, while others have no upper limit. 

The age of your boiler may be an issue. Many providers will not provide new cover if your boiler is more than 15 years old, and even if you are an existing customer, there are a few providers that won’t renew your policy once your boiler reaches a certain age.

Boiler cover FAQ