Nibe is a Swedish company that has over 60 years of expertise in the domestic and commercial heating industry. The company is a market leader across several heating and cooling products, but specialises in ground and air source heat pumps.

With an extensive guarantee and attractive system combinations, the Nibe F2040 air source heat pump is easy to install, use and maintain. The system is also very efficient (A++) and quiet to operate.

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Technical information

The Nibe F2040 is a compact, inverter-controlled air/water heat pump that can provide good savings as it adapts its output throughout the year. The pump can work down to an outdoor temperature of −20°C with a supply of up to 58°C.

The heat pump is very easy to install as it comes pre-wired and pre-charged. It can be mounted on a wall or stand on the floor. The outside unit can be installed up to 12 metres away from your home.

  • Minimum outdoor working temperature: −20°C
  • Maximum supply line temperature: 58°C
  • System and product efficiency 55°C: A++
  • Heating capacity (outdoor temp −3°C, flow temp 35°C): 8.7 to 15.8kW
  • Dimensions: 895mm (h) x 1,035mm (w) x 422mm (d) (F2040-8), 995mm (h) x 1,145mm (w) x 452mm (d) (F2040-12), and 1,450mm (h) x 1,145mm (w) x 452mm (d) (F2040-16).
  • Net weight: 90kg (F2040-8), 105kg (F2040-12), and 183kg (F2040-16).

Key features

  • Easy to install: The Nibe F2040 comes pre-wired and pre-charged. It also includes an anti-vibration water connection and has a broad accessory programme with many useful combinations available.
  • Great for domestic buildings: Provides heating, cooling and hot water from a single system. The pump is ideal for underfloor heating or radiators, and can also work well in large homes that have a higher energy demand.
  • Guarantee: The pump comes with a standard 24-month parts and labour guarantee (or 33 months from the date of manufacture). Nibe Pro Partners and Nibe Pro Exclusive Installers can also offer a seven-year parts and labour guarantee.

Pros and cons

We recommend carefully considering the pros and cons of any heat pump before purchasing and installing one. Here are the advantages and downsides of the Nibe F2040 air source heat pump.


  • Compact units: The indoor module can fit into a 60 x 66 x 180cm space, can be hung or installed standing, and requires no flue or ventilation. The outdoor unit has also been designed with size in mind. The F2040-16 is the largest unit, measuring 1,450mm (h) x 1,145mm (w) x 452mm (d).
  • Easy installation: All Nibe heat pumps are developed with ease of installation in mind. There are two main elements to the pump (an indoor and outdoor module), and they have both been designed to fit almost any terrain and require no flues.
  • Pre-wired and pre-charged: The heat pump comes with an incorporated power cable and refrigerant, making it very easy to install and maintain.


  • High upfront cost: The Nibe F2040 costs between £3,775 and £8,400. This is a standard price for air source heat pumps of this quality, but a significant increase compared to traditional oil-based heat systems and boilers. The cost, however, is less than that of a ground source heat pump and can generate years of energy savings.
  • Poor phone customer support: Customers have reported experiencing long delays waiting for Nibe to reply to technical questions. Calls are also charged per minute (some customers have reported up to £0.55 per minute). Nibe is only rated 1.7/5 on Trustpilot out of 52 reviews. Most negative reviews are related to phone customer service.
  • Potential wait for parts: The Sweden-based company does not store parts in the UK. You might have to wait a few days for a courier when repairs are needed, although some local companies are now storing spare parts, too.

How does the Nibe F2040 air source heat pump work?

A Nibe F2040 air source heat pump installed outside a house with a family inside.

The Nibe F2040 air source heat pump is compact, so it will fit in many garden spaces. (Image credit: Nibe)

The Nibe F2040 air source heat pump (a compact inverter air-to-water heat pump) can provide heating, cooling and hot water to homes and small businesses using a single system. This makes it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized homes with underfloor heating or radiators.

Heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air and pass it through a liquid refrigerant that compresses to release the stored heat. This heat is then distributed through your radiators, underfloor heating and domestic hot water system. The Nibe F2040 air source heat pump works with outdoor temperatures as low as −20°C while generating hot water up to 58°C, so the pumps are particularly good at functioning in harsh outdoor conditions.

As with most heat pumps, an air source pump like the Nibe F2040 can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy expenditure. Some studies have even shown an air source heat pump can reduce your home’s carbon emissions by 50%, while involving absolutely no fossil fuel combustion. Nibe’s refrigerant is also manufactured with a low environmental impact.

Overall, the system is very efficient and boasts an A++ to A+++ efficiency rating depending on the model. For example, when compared to a traditional oil or gas boiler that uses 1kW of energy to produce a little less than 1kW of usable output, a Nibe air source heat pump can use 1kW to yield 3kW of power. And because the pump has a compressor and energy-saving motor, it will only generate as much as the system requires. You will likely notice your energy bills go down as a result. Nibe suggests this could be up to 65% for some houses.

Installing the Nibe F2040 air source heat pump

This air heat pump comes pre-wired with a power cable and pre-charged with refrigerant, making it very easy to install. The Nibe F2040 can be mounted on a wall or stand on the floor and requires no flue or ventilation. In addition, the outdoor unit, which is always fitted with an anti-vibration water connection, can be set up on almost any terrain and up to 12 metres away from your property, which gives homeowners more flexibility.

Installing a Nibe F2040 heat pump will also give you access to a specially designed app (an internet monitoring system called Nibe Uplink) where you can keep an eye on your pump’s status at all times. The app is available for Android and iPhone, and provides you with a quick overview of your heating system and hot water status. In the unlikely event of an issue or malfunction, you will receive a direct alert to your device. Nibe Uplink can also connect to your smart home system.

Customers have reported the control panel can be complex to navigate due to all the different functions available. The panel and the system itself are both very sophisticated and require familiarisation. Nibe also provides a comprehensive user manual that includes all the information you might need to achieve the peak performance of your Nibe F2040 heat pump. If you’re looking for an easy system with a one-page guide, this pump might not be the best choice. Fortunately, Nibe also offers potential customers a three-month trial period that might be enough to see if you are interested in the system. If you’re looking for a more adaptable product, consider the Vaillant flexoTHERM 400V. This unit can be connected to various modules to obtain energy from water, the ground or the air. Vaillant’s aroCOLLECT brine collector module ensures high-efficiency heat exchange and minimal heat loss. The unit is also available in a wider range of power outputs: 5, 8, 11, 15 and 19kW.

There are three pumps available in the UK: Nibe F2040-8 (8.7kW), Nibe F2040-12 (11.7kW), and Nibe F2040-16 (15.8kW). If you require more output, you can also fit the Nibe F2040 units in a cascade format.

How much does the Nibe F2040 air source heat pump cost?

The Nibe F2040 costs between £3,775 and £8,400 without installation. The cost will depend on who installs your heat pump and the model you select, but here is an idea of how much the Nibe F-series costs compared to competitors.

ManufacturerCost (excluding installation and labour)
Daikin Altherma range£6,000–£10,000
Nibe F-series£6,000–£9,000
Mitsubishi Ecodan Monobloc£3,800–£5,800

How does the Nibe F2040 air source heat pump compare to others?

The Nibe F2040 is considered one of the best air source heat pumps on the market. Compared to other brands and models, it offers good efficiency and an average installation cost.

If you require a pump for large or commercial properties, Nibe also offers the F2300 model available in a 13.8kW or 17.7kW output.

The Hitachi Yutaki S Combi offers similar technical specs to the Nibe F2040, but some models function at −25°C and offer A+++ efficiency. At a cost of £3,400 to £7,810, the Hitachi falls in the same price bracket as the Nibe, but it has a number of appealing features, such as the integrated hot water cylinder and backup heating element.

What the professionals say

“Nibe are slightly niche – very good quality, a good choice if you are regularly expecting winter temperatures below −5°C, but that comes at a price.”

“The initial investment is quite high and it will likely take some time until the investment pays for itself. . . the Nibe ground source heat pumps are environmentally-friendly since they release a lower amount of CO2.”

“I’ve worked with Nibe equipment for over seven years and class it as the best in the industry, bad installations cause issues, not the equipment. Best controller in the industry along with easy-to-use online portal for customers.”

What customers say

The Nibe F2040 air source heat pump installed outside a house with black cladding.

The Nibe F2040 air source heat pump features a sleek design. (Image credit: Nibe)

“Excellent product that appears to be very well made. . . The system takes some optimisation to make it run most efficiently/economically and I suspect the majority of bad reviews relate to poor commissioning/training on the system.”

“These are the Rolls Royce of the heat pump brands. More expensive than most imports (whose life expectancy is barely five years) but 100% reliable and reasonable running costs. They last 30 years in the harsh Scandinavian climate.”

“With correct installation and measures to cut down heat loss through windows, walls, roof, air ventilation, air source heat exchange pump delivers the benefits.”

Raymond, via Trustpilot

Final recommendation

The Nibe F2040 is one of the best air source heat pumps in the UK and an excellent choice for small to medium properties. Customers praise this air source heat pump’s easy installation process, which causes minimal disruptions to the home and daily life. The units can also be retrofitted into existing homes.

This model is very quiet (something your neighbours will surely appreciate!), and Nibe provides modern support through its app, customer portal and customer service. This system can definitely keep energy bills lower, provided it is installed and set up correctly. 

Nibe has many negative reviews on Trustpilot. However, to date, there are only 50 reviews in the portal – significantly fewer than for other heat system manufacturers. Customers have mainly complained about the customer service, particularly when sending technical questions to the Nibe team. However, there are several positive reviews that praise the Nibe’s F2040 quality and efficiency.

Overall, we would recommend the Nibe F2040 based on its impressive technical specifications, compact size and ease of installation.


We looked at several different criteria in this Nibe F2040 air source heat pump review to help customers decide on the best model for them.

When reviewing this product, we looked at opinions of professionals and customers, plus technical documentation. We assessed this heat pump using the criteria customers care about the most, including:

  • The warranty period offered by the brand, for a total of 10 points;
  • The overall reputation of the brand based on online reviews, for a total of 15 points;
  • Trustpilot reviews, for a total of five points;
  • Awards and accolades (eg, Which? Best Buy Awards), for a total of five points;
  • Customer service performance, for a total of 10 points;
  • The price range, for a total of 15 points;
  • Efficiency ratings, for a total of 15 points;
  • Installation and maintenance network and reviews, for a total of 15 points; and
  • The total warranty period, for a total of 10 points.

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