Anglian was founded in the 1960s as a double glazing windows provider, and it has since expanded its offering to include doors and conservatories. Anglian’s replacement window frames are available in uPVC, aluminium or wood, and you can choose from decorative glass options and seven styles: shaped, tilt and turn, casement, flush, cottage, bay and sash.

Many Anglian windows are accredited by the official police security initiative, Secured by Design (tilt and turn, casement and sash) as they feature a system of shoot bolt locks, key locking handles, multi-point locks and excluder devices to keep your windows secure. You can also opt for triple-glazed glass to ensure your new windows are as secure as possible.

If you are keen to reduce your environmental impact, you will be interested to know that Anglian products hold the Made in Britain mark and are part of the Recovinyl Plus initiative. Recovinyl Plus works with companies to monitor PVC recycling.

Anglian offers customers a 15-year guarantee on gas-filled windows, and a 10-year guarantee on all parts and labour. Windows and installation can be bought on credit terms, but Anglian’s 11.9% variable APR is steeper than finance plans offered by other UK window companies.

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Technical information about Anglian double glazing

Anglian is a trusted provider and installer of uPVC, wooden and aluminium windows in seven styles: shaped, tilt and turn, casement, flush, cottage, bay and sash. You can choose from double glazing, triple glazing or secondary glazing, each offering advantages ranging from noise insulation to improved energy efficiency.

  • Guarantee options: 10-year guarantee for parts and labour and a 15-year guarantee for gas-filled double glazing windows
  • Price range: £250–£910 per window
  • Energy efficiency rating: A++ on all uPVC windows
  • Secured by Design (SBD) rating: SBD-accredited on tilt and turn, sliding sash and casement windows
White interior uPVC double glazing casement windows.

White uPVC casement double glazing windows. (Image credit: Anglian)

Key features of Anglian double glazing

Highlights: Numerous payment options, bespoke designs, styles and finishes, and a long list of accreditations.

Key benefit: High-quality products and installations at a fair price.

Memberships and certifications: Made in Britain, Secured by Design, Recovinyl Plus, Cyber Essentials, Glass & Glazing Federation, FENSA, TrustMark, TGAS, Energy Savings Trust and BFRC.

Styles: Shaped, tilt and turn, casement, flush, cottage, bay and sash.

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Pros and cons of Anglian double glazing windows

Before choosing a windows provider, we recommend weighing up the pros and cons carefully. Buying your replacement windows from Anglian has the following advantages:

  • Expertise: The company is widely accredited by FENSA, the Glass and Glazing Federation, TrustMark, Secured by Design and more.
  • Wide variety of designs: Anglian produces uPVC, wooden and aluminium windows in a range of styles – shaped, tilt and turn, casement, flush, cottage, bay and sash. You can choose from several colours to customise your windows however you like.
  • Energy efficiency: Anglian offers a range of solutions to help make your home more energy efficient, including double glazing, triple glazing and secondary glazing. Its uPVC windows have an A to A++ efficiency rating, its timber windows have a B to A rating, and its aluminium windows have a B rating.
  • Online shop: Anglian has a unique online shop where customers can buy window handles and other accessories should they need to replace a part.
  • Services across England, Scotland and Wales: Many window providers only operate regionally, but Anglian operates throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Buying windows from Anglian does have some disadvantages, including:

  • Short warranty periods: Anglian guarantees its window frames for parts and labour for 10 years. It also guarantees sealed units for 15 years. These are generous warranties, but some companies including Everest offer 20-year and lifetime guarantees.
  • Poor reviews: The company has some negative reviews and holds a 3.8-star rating on Trustpilot. However, almost 80% of the reviewers awarded Anglian four and five stars.
  • Unfavourable credit terms: Anglian’s finance plan has a variable APR of 11.9%. Other companies offer interest-free finance or more favourable terms.
Double glazing energy rating

The energy rating of Anglian double glazing (Image credit: Anglian)

How do Anglian double glazing windows work?

Call Anglian for an obligation-free quotation. A local design expert will go through the various options with you and take measurements. Your windows are then produced to measure at one of Anglian’s factories in the UK. Once they are ready, the team will contact you to arrange a mutually available time to fit your new windows.

Anglian windows are guaranteed, so you’ll have access to after-sales services. Anglian also has a public online shop where you can buy additional handles and accessories.

How does Anglian compare with other double glazing companies?

Anglian is considered a market leader, but there are several other options to consider.

Everest is one of Anglian’s closest competitors. It offers many design options, good accreditations and long warranties, including a 20-year guarantee on its uPVC Exclusives range. With Everest, you will also have the option of buying a lifetime guarantee for a nominal fee. This is a significant advantage, as Anglian’s guarantees only go up to 15 years. On the downside, Everest’s high-quality products don’t come cheap. You can expect to pay more than you would with Anglian and other brands.

If you would rather look at budget options, Britelite is a fair choice. Britelite offers double and triple glazed windows with a 10-point locking system and holds a BSI Kitemark accreditation for installation. However, unlike Anglian, Britelite doesn’t sell timber frames.

Britelite offers total price transparency. There are no hidden fees. VAT and fitting costs are stated upfront on the quotation. Monthly financing is available at a representative APR of 8.9%, which is more favourable than Anglian’s rate.

What do Anglian double glazing windows cost?

Anglian needs to measure your windows in person to produce an accurate quote. However, according to online comparison sites, you can expect to pay the following for a Anglian double glazing windows (60 x 90 cm).

MaterialCost per window (excluding installation and labour)

Maintaining Anglian double glazing

Anthracite colour flush windows in uPVC

Anthracite colour flush windows in uPVC. (Image credit: Anglian)

Anglian windows are easy to maintain. Wipe down your uPVC window frames at least twice a year with warm soapy water before drying them with a soft cloth. Glass can be cleaned with a simple commercial liquid spray glass cleaner. Don’t use cream or paste-based cleaners on your frames, as they can be abrasive.

Wooden frames require a little more maintenance. You will need to sand them down and repaint them periodically. To avoid damage, prevent water and abrasive cleaning chemicals from coming into contact with the wood. Use vinegar and water or dishwashing soap, and always dry your frames.

What the professionals say about Anglian double glazing

“Anglian offers a wide range of window styles, all of which are available with aluminium, timber, and uPVC frames. On top of this, it offers double glazing, triple glazing, and secondary glazing. If energy efficiency is your main concern, Anglian’s standard uPVC windows have a rating of A to A++. All other windows score at least a B rating.”

“Anglian Windows pride themselves in all their products being made in Britain, and they cover the majority of the UK, with the exception of Ireland. With a wide range of double glazing, secondary glazing and triple glazing, they are one of the UK’s popular double glazing companies. Whether it is windows, doors, porches or conservatories that you are looking for, Anglian will offer you choices that are sure to suit your needs. UPVC windows or timber, they have an extensive range, and offer excellent A and B energy rated glass.”

uPVC bay windows in dark wood grain with a white interior.

uPVC bay windows in an attractive dark wood grain with a white interior. (Image credit: Anglian)

Anglian double glazing customer reviews

“The installation of my new windows and doors by Anglian Windows was completed when they said it would be by two very polite gentlemen who did an excellent very tidy job over two days. The windows and doors are exactly what I wanted & needed to improve the insulation of my flat at a cost that was affordable to me.”

“On the whole we are very pleased with the doors and window fitted by Anglian Home Improvements, we’re pleased with the product and they look very nice now they are installed. There were a few things which had to be corrected, one door was delivered with a glass panel instead of a solid panel and the hooks and eyes had to be fitted at a later date as the fitters were not provided with these originally. We were also told by the salesman before ordering the doors that the work was carried out by fitters employed by Anglian directly and not on contract, however this is not so. The fitters told us they were paid per job and self-employed.”

“Windows are ordered, surveyor booked and coming next week. All I can say is fast, swift service and excellent customer service; I look forward to the installation in the coming weeks.”

Final verdict on Anglian double glazed windows

A wide variety of designs, styles and colour options coupled with 10 to 15-year warranties, finance plans and decades of experience in the industry makes Anglian a good choice for most homeowners.

While its warranties and credit options aren’t quite as favourable as those of Everest and other competitors, the price tag is a little lower. You can expect the quality of Anglian’s products to match some of the more premium brands on the market.

Online customer reviews (and professional reviews) are largely favourable, but there are a few complaints about installation service that should be taken into account.

All in all, if you are looking for a high-quality product and a fair guarantee, Anglian is a top contender. We also like that you can order handles and replacement parts directly from Anglian’s online shop whenever you need them.

Double glazing windows FAQs

Our methodology

We gathered as much information as possible to compile this Anglian windows review. We studied customer testimonials, professional write-ups, media articles and technical information to rate Anglian against our 100-point scoring system.

The scoring system evaluated the following:

  • The type of double glazing material (uPVC, wooden, aluminium), for a total of 20 points;
  • The number of styles on offer, for a total of 10 points;
  • The energy efficiency rating held by the company, for a total of two to five points;
  • The level of security offered, for a total of 10 points;
  • The warranty period, for a total of two to five points depending on its length;
  • The company’s years of experience, for seven to 10 points;
  • The number of payment options, for a total of 15 points;
  • The total rating score of the company held on Trustpilot, for a total of one to 10 points; and
  • Additional benefits (including FENSA certification, design options, customer support and the inclusion of trickle vents), for a total of 15 points.

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