Both Anglian and Everest were founded in the 1960s with the aim of producing high-quality double glazing windows, and today they are two of the leading replacement window companies in the UK. Covering England, Wales and Scotland, they both offer a range of styles, materials and optional extras, such as safety or obscuring glass. 

In this article we’ll compare the companies head-to-head, analysing what they offer customers, including prices, frame materials and styles, energy ratings and security measures. We also check their Trustpilot reviews in detail, along with other reputable review sites. With every feature considered, which double glazing windows company is the best?

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Anglian vs Everest: Top line comparison

Let’s take a quick look at the basic offerings from Anglian and Everest:

Price range£250–£845 per casement window£500–£750 per casement window
Energy ratingA on all uPVC windows A or B on timber framesA+ on all uPVC windows A on timber frames
Materials and stylesuPVC, aluminium, timber available in 12 styles and 5 glass optionsuPVC, aluminium, timber available in 10 styles and 3 glass options
Trustpilot rating3.8 (27,400+ reviews)4.3 (11,800+ reviews)

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Anglian vs Everest: Cost per double glazing window

Anglian vs Everest. An Anglian double glazing window in white uPVC in a bright kitchen.

An Anglian white uPVC casement double glazing window. (Image credit: Anglian)

Cost (excluding installation)AnglianEverestCheapest
uPVC casement£250£500Anglian
Aluminium casement£500£625Anglian
Timber casement£845£750Everest
uPVC sash£375£750Anglian
Aluminium sash£750£935Anglian
Timber sash£1,260£1,125Everest
uPVC 3-section bay£625£1,250Anglian
Aluminium 3-section bay£1,250£1,555Anglian
Timber 3-section bay£2,100£1,875Everest

Both Anglian and Everest produce windows on a made-to-measure basis, so the prices shown above are approximate, based on the average window size:

  • Casement window – 75cm height x 120cm width
  • Sash window – 75cm height x 120cm width
  • Bay window – 75cm height x 190cm width

Anglian requires a deposit, depending on the total price of the windows, but the amount is arranged on a quote-by-quote basis.

Everest requires a 20% deposit based on the project’s total cost.  

Anglian special offers

Anglian offers a £250 discount if you apply for a free, no-obligation online quote ‘today’.

Everest special offers

Everest offers triple glazing for the price of double glazing windows and a multi-buy discount when you buy two or more products, including doors, conservatories and driveways. Everest also offers a 7-Day Price Promise giving you one week to find a better offer, which they will match.

Verdict on cost: Anglian

Anglian’s prices beat Everest’s in all double glazing window categories, except for timber frames, where Everest is cheaper. However, Everest’s Price Promise means you could potentially buy their windows at the same price as Anglian’s double glazing if you get a cheaper quote from Anglian.

The costs for installing replacement windows vary, as Anglian and Everest use fitters that are local to the project.  

It’s worth bearing in mind, when considering the cost of double glazing, that there are government grants and loans available for those who qualify.

Anglian vs Everest: Finance agreements

Anglian offers credit options from a representative 11.9% APR over a term of 36 months with a minimum deposit of £199. 

Everest offers loans through Kandoo to a maximum of £250,000 with flexible lending periods of up to 25 years – representative 9.9% APR. 

Verdict on finance: Depends on your needs

Weighing Anglian and Everest’s finance options against each other to determine which is the best depends on your own financial situation.

Anglian vs Everest: Guarantees

Anglian vs Everest. An Everest white uPVC casement window with Georgian bars.

Everest uPVC casement double glazing windows with Georgian bars. (Image credit: Everest)

Anglian guarantees

  • 10 years on parts and labour for all windows
  • 15 years on all gas-filled sealed units

The parts and labour guarantee offered by Anglian follows the standard model that many other replacement window suppliers, including Everest, give, eg 10 years. Anglian also gives a 15-year guarantee on their gas-filled sealed units; considering all their units are gas-filled and sealed, the guarantee effectively covers all their double glazing windows. 

Everest guarantees

  • 10 years on parts & labour
  • 20 years on Exclusives range
  • 20 years against discolouration of white uPVC
  • 25 years on aluminium finish
  • 30 years against rot and fungus on timber windows
  • Optional lifetime cover against condensation on uPVC 

Everest’s guarantees are a little more complex than Anglian’s and are broken down into several sections, depending on the range and frame material chosen. Their guarantee for standard uPVC windows, the most popular choice, expires after 10 years (unlike Anglian’s 15-year cover), and only their Exclusives range benefits from a 20-year guarantee. Purchase from this range, and you have the option of a lifetime condensation cover for an extra cost. 

Verdict on guarantees: Everest

On a like-for-like basis, Everest appears to offer more cover. Anglian’s across-the-board guarantees don’t consider that certain frame materials are more likely to deteriorate over time than others. For example, timber double glazing windows from Anglian are guaranteed for 15 years as they are gas-filled units, whereas from Everest, they would be covered for 30 years.

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Anglian vs Everest: Double glazing windows frame materials and styles

Anglian vs Everest. Anglian Cream wooden casement window cottage bars matching front door

A cream wooden casement double glazing window from Anglian. (Image credit: Anglian)

Anglian materials and styles

uPVCAluminiumTimberGlass options
CasementCasementCasementObscure glass
Flush casementBayFlush casementBevelled
SashSashBrilliant cut
Tilt and turnColoured
Cottage bar

Everest materials and styles

uPVCAluminiumTimberGlass options
CasementCasementCasementObscure glass
Flush casementSashSashSafety
SashBayNoise reducing
Tilt and turn

uPVC, aluminium and timber framed windows are offered by both Anglian and Everest, in similar styles. Everest’s range of glass types is focused on the homeowner’s peace of mind, with options for safety and noise reduction glass, which don’t feature in Anglian’s catalogue. 

While both companies provide a bespoke service allowing you to choose the style, glass type and frame material, Anglian offers a shaped window option and can produce square, circular and triangular windows. Combined with their decorative glass catalogue, they deliver a more appearance-focused service. 

Verdict on materials and styles: Depends on your needs

Although both Anglian and Everest produce a wide range of options for creating replacement windows that are fully adaptable to your requirements, Anglian seems to have the edge if you’re after a more stylish appearance. If you are troubled by external noise, double glazing windows with Everest’s noise reduction glass may be a better choice. 

Anglian vs Everest: Double glazing windows energy ratings

uPVCA (option to upgrade to A+)A+
AluminiumNot listedNot listed
TimberA and BA

All double glazing windows are given an energy rating based on their thermal efficiency, in the same way that domestic appliances are. The ratings awarded are independently verified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) and can give you an idea of how much you can save from your heating bill. A++ denotes that the windows offer the highest energy rating.

Both Anglian and Everest replacement windows provide excellent energy efficiency, well above the current FENSA regulations for newly installed windows, which state they should have a minimum rating of C.

Anglian has an A rating on uPVC windows, with an optional upgrade to A+. At the same time, Everest is rated A+ on their uPVC models as standard. Both companies’ timber frames are slightly less efficient, with Anglian offering A and B rating options and Everest A. Neither company’s website states the energy rating of their aluminium frames, but as they tend to be less efficient, it’s assumed this is the case here. 

Verdict on energy ratings: Everest

Everest is the winner in this category, with a rating of A+ on their uPVC windows and A on timber double glazing. Remember, too, that at the moment Everest offers a free upgrade to A++ triple glazing on their uPVC windows.

Anglian vs Everest: Double glazing windows security

Anglian vs Everest. An Everest uPVC casement double glazing window with wood grain finish.

An Everest uPVC double glazing window in wood grain finish. (Image credit: Everest)

Anglian security measures

  • Secured By Design (SBD) accreditations on casement, sash and tilt and turn replacement windows
  • Steel shot bolts at two points
  • Anti-jemmy design technology
  • Internally fitted beading
  • Key locking security handles

Everest security measures

  • SBD accreditations
  • Internally fitted beading
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Key locking security handles
  • GrabLock designed in conjunction with Yale on all uPVC windows  

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police-run scheme designed to improve the security of domestic and commercial properties. 

Anglian and Everest have both considered security in their window designs and have included internally fitted beading, which prevents the glass from being removed from outside your home, and key locking handles. Anglian has gone one step further with its anti-jemmy design, which stops anyone from removing the entire window frame from the outside. 

While Anglian windows have two steel shot bolts that secure them closed, Everest’s GrabLock produces the same effect by using a rotating cylinder to ‘grab’ a long bar discreetly fitted inside the frame. However, this innovative lock is only on their uPVC double glazing windows, and the other styles have a multi-point locking system instead, which appears to be similar to Anglian’s two-point shot bolts. 

Verdict on security: Tie

On a like-for-like basis, Anglian and Everest offer similar levels of security and are equal on security measures.

Anglian vs Everest: Customer service

Anglian customer service and aftersales support

According to a survey by Which?, the customer service and aftersales support provided by Anglian are awarded four and three stars respectively, with 84% of customers saying they were satisfied with the service given by Anglian. The overall score given by Anglian customers was 67%. Here are some quotes from Anglian customers.

“Have had their products in the past and they have always been reliable. Any minor problems have been addressed immediately. Although more expensive than some other firms, their products are well made and robust.”

“Very minor remedial work to some trim – under guarantee so the company dealt with and resolved. Should have been noticed by the installers but there was prompt action when I mentioned what was missing.” 

Everest customer service and aftersales care

Another survey by Which? awarded Everest the same scores for customer service and aftersales support – four and three stars. However, 90% of customers questioned said they were satisfied with the service provided by Everest. Their overall customer score was 73%. Here are some quotes from Everest customers.

“They are a really good company with knowledgeable staff and great quality products that are very affordable and worthwhile.”

“It was overall a very easy purchase. Great offers, lots of choices and a company that is very easy to deal with.”

Verdict on customer service: Everest

The same number of stars were awarded by customers of both Anglian and Everest. However, with a higher percentage of satisfied customers and a 6% greater overall score, Everest is the winner here.

Anglian vs Everest: Customer reviews

Anglian vs Everest. Anglian dark brown uPVC double glazing windows installed across a whole house, including a large, multi-story arrangement of windows.

Anglian uPVC double glazing windows in dark brown. (Image credit: Anglian)

Both companies have been accused of mis-selling and misleading customers in the past; however, judging by their recent reviews on Trustpilot, Anglian and Everest have bounced back bigger and better. 

Anglian customer reviews

“From start to finish I found Anglian to be helpful, professional and provide good service. They listened to what I wanted and then tailored their service to that. My new windows were fitted promptly and look great!”

“The whole process from initial contact with the representative, through to installation and aftercare has been very professional, without being pushy.Undoubtedly you might be able to buy double glazed door and windows cheaper but from what I have experienced in past and looked at now, quality would not be as good.

“If you are looking for a double glazing solution I have no hesitation in recommending.”

“Installation appointment made for convenient date. Turned up at stated arranged time. Installation was efficient, clean and high standard of finish. Installers were polite and worked cleanly.”

Everest customer reviews

“Right through the process from start to finish everyone we had contact with were informative and polite. The fitters respected our property and left our property clean & tidy.

“We are extremely happy with our windows and doors that we had fitted.”

“Everest made replacing some of our windows (7) easy – from the initial visit, the site survey and the installation. Everything was seamless – quotes and invoices were provided on time as promised.

“The team who fitted the windows did so with ease on the date that was pre arranged. It was quite a big job removing the old wooden windows which were failing rapidly. An excellent replacement job was done and the windows were of top quality and the workmanship of fitting them was the best! A neat job all round and not even a scratch to the bathroom tiles in replacing the bathroom window…. Soooo impressed and pleased with Everest. Looking forward to getting more windows replaced.”

“Everest installed new windows and a door for us. The installers were excellent. They did a great job and paid a lot of attention to detail.

“We have been using Everest for almost 20 years. We highly recommend them.”

Verdict on reviews: Everest

Anglian has an overall Trustpilot score of 3.8 (‘great’), with 57% of 27,525 reviewers rating them as 5-star and 17% as 1-star.

Everest has an overall Trustpilot score of 4.3 (‘excellent’), with 71% of 11,887 reviewers rating them as 5-star and 17% as 1-star.

Everest clearly has a higher percentage of 5-star reviews, and a better overall rating on Trustpilot.

Anglian vs Everest – which one wins?

Anglian vs Everest. A white uPVC casement window with Georgian bars by Everest in a white kitchen.

After weighing up all factors, our review recommends Everest as a double glazing windows company to contact for a quote. (Image credit: Everest)

Our team have analysed the key criteria from double glazing windows companies Anglian and Everest, and this is our verdict

The first point we examined was the cost of each company’s replacement windows, and although Everest was more expensive overall, if you employ their Price Promise, you should be able to purchase their windows for the same price as Anglian’s. Across the rest of our categories, Everest came out on top in nearly every case, including on guarantees and customer service; therefore our team recommends Everest.

Our methodology

We gathered as much information as possible to compile this comparison guide. We studied customer testimonials, professional write-ups, media articles and technical information to rate Anglian and Everest against our 100-point scoring system.

The scoring system evaluated the following:

  • The types of double glazing material (uPVC, wooden, aluminium), for a total of 20 points;
  • The number of styles on offer, for a total of 10 points;
  • The energy efficiency rating held by the companies, for a total of two to five points;
  • The levels of security offered, for a total of 10 points;
  • The guarantee periods, for a total of two to five points depending on their length, and what they covered;
  • The company’s years of experience, for a total of seven to 10 points;
  • The number of payment options, for a total of 15 points;
  • The total rating score both companies held on Trustpilot, for a total of one to 10 points; and
  • Additional benefits (design options, customer support and aftersales support), for a total of 15 points.

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