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Verisure’s home security systems are custom designed for every home after an assessment (image credit: Verisure)

Verisure offers some of the best home security systems in the country, featuring highly responsive alarm systems and 24/7 monitoring. The Verisure control panel sits at the heart of this security system, allowing you to control any cameras, sensors and other accessories in a single, easy-to-navigate, system. 

Verisure offers professional installation of its home security system with two bi-annual services included for no extra cost. The hourly system checks offer further peace of mind, as the company checks and resolves any software issues or tampering when under the subscription package. 

Due to the wireless and discreet design, homeowners can install this security system without attracting too much attention. For an extra layer of protection, Verisure also offers a Zero Vision Fog barrier – impairs intruders’ sight with fog – and the Seniors Protection wrist watch for an additional fee.

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The Verisure home security system offers innovations and excellent service that few security companies can beat. The company has an NSI Gold Standard UK-based alarm receiving centre ready to respond to a trigger 24/7. Teams are highly trained to assess every situation, avoiding unnecessary callouts and responding when a real threat or emergency pops up. Guard response is included in the service. 

The Verisure home security system is hands-off and requires professional installation. It’s also personalised – a consultant will arrive on-site to provide an assessment and advice before you sign on the dotted line. 

Moreover, Verisure alarms come with lifetime guarantees. Whereas other DIY solutions offer one or two years of protection, your Verisure home security system’s maintenance cost is included in the subscription fee. Software upgrades are also included with the monthly subscription and these are done automatically via the 4G encrypted sim. 

While smart home integrations are slightly limited, you can control your entire home security system using the My Verisure App for tablets or mobile phones. Verisure is compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and installers will be able to advise on other smart home devices like Apple HomePod. The app also comes with a chat service if you have any questions. 

If you require a comprehensive, innovative system, Verisure is probably the most thorough solution on the market today, but it does come at a cost. 

Technical information

Verisure offers a customised package bespoke to every homeowner’s needs, including smoke, flood, leak and temperature detection, shock sensors, fog barriers, alarms, break sensors, panic buttons, cameras and photo detectors. The company handles installation from start to finish. 

  • Installation type: Professional
  • Price range: Starting from £399 for a standard package and £150 for the video doorbell
  • Number of packages: Fully customisable
  • Monitoring: Self-monitoring and professional monitoring

Key features

white verisure security camera on white background

The photo sensor sends images to the professionally-monitored Control Centre for evaluation (image credit: Verisure)

Highlights: With an upgraded package, Verisure has a unique ZeroVision defence mechanism which impairs a burglar’s vision with a fog smokescreen. It is designed to impair intruders’ vision with a blast of fog when triggered and activated by the Verisure Control Centre (pets won’t accidentally trigger it). 

Service: Verisure provides bespoke packages to every household.

Warranty: Lifetime

Key benefit: The Verisure home security system also includes an infrared Photo Detector with a built-in flash to capture colour images whenever the alarm is activated. 

Pros and cons

Verisure is a good security system with extremely positive online customer reviews and a solid reputation across Europe. However, it’s important to consider the pros and cons carefully before reaching a final decision:

  • Professional installation: If DIY installation doesn’t appeal to you, a Verisure home security system is the perfect solution. Verisure aims to get an expert round within 72 hours to understand your needs and curate a tailor-made package for  professional installation. 
  • Innovative products: Verisure home security systems are among the best and most advanced in the UK. The product range includes smokescreens, photo detection, panic buttons and intelligent alarms. 
  • Wireless installation: There’s no need to ruin your walls with wall-mounted equipment. All devices are wireless and can be controlled remotely. Backup batteries are included and replacements come well ahead of time with a subscription.

However, there are some disadvantages to using Verisure: 

  • Lack of price transparency: Verisure requires a consultation before providing an estimate, whereas competitors like SimpliSafe or Ring provide fixed pricing available on its websites. 
  • Cost: Verisure alarms cost more than most other providers, as they are one of the most comprehensive home security systems on the market. 
  • An essential subscription: Although you won’t be locked into a contract for years, homeowners are required to sign up to the subscription package, which costs £32 per month for a minimum of six months. After that point, you can either cancel it and have your equipment taken away, or keep the equipment for a one-off fee of £99. Should you choose the latter option there will be no monitoring from Verisure and you wouldn’t get any notifications or be able to access any footage on your phone without subscribing to the package long-term. Verisure also requires two months’ cancellation notice. 
  • Communication: While the customer service was polite, our experts found it difficult to receive a clear answer regarding cancellation notice periods.

How the Verisure home security system works

woman pushing home security keypad as leaving home

The control panel has a SOS button for emergencies (image credit: Verisure)

Verisure is designed to prevent and detect intrusions and provide fast and efficient solutions in response to incidents. As such, the Verisure home security system includes a suite of hardware options and 24/7 monitoring, as well as an in-person security service known as Guard. Before you purchase a Verisure system, a company representative will visit your home to evaluate any security weaknesses and strengths to devise the best possible solution for your house. When the engineer does the assessment of property, any optional extras can be requested and purchased based on their assessment. 

Customers benefit from professional installation, a lifelong product warranty and 24/7 technical support; all included in the system’s costs.  Verisure offers an exterior alarm and access control alarm so that you know who is exiting or entering your home at any time. Smart fobs can be assigned to different users, (eg, family members or staff) and are used to disarm and arm the alarm. The standard package comes with three but you can get up to 20 free of charge, should you need them. There is also a smoke detector that will trigger an alarm in the event of a fire. If it’s triggered, the Alarm Receiving Center will alert the fire service. 

The central unit needs one mainline plug and runs through the mains. It has 48 hours of backup power in case there is a power cut. The keypad is wall mounted with the SOS panic button. The system itself runs off a 4G sim card so that, should your wifi go down, your home will still be secure. Additionally, Verisure sends out new batteries when those in use only have 15-20% juice left. This service is only included in the subscription and can be difficult to source without this service.

The standard system includes two alarm boxes: One central unit that plugs into the living room and an alarm box that goes on the wall near your door. The central unit effectively manages all of the signals from the different devices. The alarm box contains the internal siren which is 105 decibel and features a panic button. Note there is also a panic button on the app.

The packages also include each available sensor. The shock sensor acts as the main protection barrier and will be fitted at the most vulnerable entry point like a front door. This detects vibrations and if it picks up movement an alarm will be triggered within three seconds.

The motion sensor camera, which works with infrared, would be placed in a hallway and takes pictures to verify any trigger. The Verisure installation engineer will take the height of any pet(s) into account to control unwanted disruption and, should said pet jump onto something to trigger the alarm, the video footage would help the team identify the issue and switch the alarm off accordingly. Additional sensors include a perimeter detector, a smart video doorbell and a ZeroVision fog barrier (to impair the intruder’s vision upon entry).

The professional monitoring service (included with the subscription) means that if the alarm goes off, the Verisure human response team will ring within 60 seconds and review the cameras to verify a trigger. Police and emergency contact alerts are among their response procedures.

How does Verisure compare to other home security systems?

SimpliSafe is our top home security system; its excellent Trustpilot rating, wide range of packages and on-demand professional monitoring service offer flexibility in terms of pricing and usage. The DIY-friendly nature of the wireless devices also makes the system easy to install with no professional help, with integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Watch. 

If you are not interested in a DIY approach, Verisure’s closest competitor in the UK is likely ADT Fire & Security Services. ADT is one of the oldest and most reliable security systems on the market, being more affordable than Verisure and offering a similar range of sensors and cameras. Unfortunately, ADT demands a 36-month contract for its professional monitoring service, with no self-monitoring available with its products. 

Homeowners who value flexibility and comprehensive cover may also consider Abode. It offers 3 different packages, rapid installation and an impressive array of features, with the choice between self-monitoring or professional 24/7 monitoring. The company also offers on-demand monitoring, which is very rare.  

How much does the Verisure home security system cost?

The Verisure home security is more expensive than similar systems we’ve reviewed, but they are among the most comprehensive. Here’s how it compares to the competition:

SystemCost* (excluding installation and monthly monitoring)
VerisureFrom £300 for the basic package
ADTFrom £199 for the basic package
AbodeFrom £197.99 for the basic package
SimpliSafeFrom £156.73 for the basic package

Although you can get an estimated quote once you’ve spoken with someone over the phone, all costs for any additional extras to the standard package will be at the discretion of the engineer on the day of your home’s assessment before the installation itself. This is unlike other home security companies, such as SimpliSafe, who offer a fixed price on their website.

How to maintain your Verisure home security system

The Verisure home security system comes with a lifetime warranty, so there’s little need to do more than basic maintenance. Every now and again, it’s recommended that you perform a cursory check to ensure that your exterior devices have not been tampered with. The batteries typically last for three months. Always keep an eye on the battery life of your sensors just in case but otherwise, Verisure actually supplies these as each item takes a different battery and they are all fairly awkward to source. 

What the professionals say

traditional houses with Verisure deterrent labels on outside

Verisure also use burglar deterrent signs to ward off potential threats (image credit: Verisure)

“Verisure is one of the most comprehensive and feature-packed home security providers we’ve reviewed. For a high price, you will get access to a best-in-class range of accessories and security devices, premium 24/7 monitoring, including in-person security, and ongoing maintenance and support. If you’re security conscious and want the best home security solution money can buy, then Verisure may be the product for you.”

“We love the innovation packed into Verisure’s products and services, even though there’s a bit of mystery around prices.” 

What customers say

Verisure has an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, at 4.5 stars out of 5. A majority of customer testimonials focus on the professionalism of the engineers and positive experiences with the customer support team. However, some customers mention issues with the 24/7 professional monitoring system and price increases. 

“Zak came out to service my alarm system and replace the faulty camera. He was friendly, polite and professional. Zak went around and checked everything thoroughly, making sure it all worked. He explained everything clearly.”

 “This company’s service is highly disappointing. Despite my request to put my account on hold, I was charged £50 through direct debit. When I sought a refund, they refused, attributing the error to me. Additionally, when I asked to transfer the money to my account, they declined. A customer service representative, who claimed her name was Jasmin, also provided false information. I strongly advise against using this company for financial security. Avoid using this company if you’re looking to cut costs. Consider opting for better service from companies like ADT or Ring instead.”

“From my first request for a quote, through to installation and follow-up service, the company has been excellent. Adam kindly phoned me today to ensure I was aware of all the service has to offer and to make sure I was happy.”

Final verdict

If your budget allows for a bespoke, professionally installed home security system, then Verisure is a safe option, providing peace of mind with its innovative home security devices and professional monitoring plan. 

Our research and customer reviews attest to the quality of the customer service team and engineers. The main thing to keep in mind is that you may not know the full cost of your home security system until your consultation. 

Rating: ★★★★1/2


In order to compile an accurate overview of the Verisure home security system, we consulted hundreds of customer reviews, media articles, technical documentation and even professional forums. We devised a detailed scoring system with a maximum score of 100 points. The scoring system was composed of the following: 

  • Reputation, including customer reviews
  • Variety of packages available
  • Security features and functionality
  • Upfront and contract pricing
  • Usability

For more information, read our article on how we review home security systems.

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