Stylish, user-centred fitted kitchens turn a house into a home. (Credit: Bespoke Living Construction Ltd)

Stylish, user-centred fitted kitchens turn a house into a home. (Credit: Bespoke Living Construction Ltd)

The kitchen is the heart of any home, with family members often congregating to chat and prepare meals, and social occasions frequently focused there. A new fitted kitchen can be a great investment, one that can add value to your home and increase your quality of life.

Finding the right kitchen supplier and negotiating the design and installation process can appear daunting. Your choice of kitchen supplier could be the difference between getting the kitchen of your dreams or months of stress and mounting costs. Even if the installation goes well, you’ll have to live with your design choices for a long time to get your money’s worth. This is why choosing the right kitchen supplier is so important.

Whether you prioritise affordability and go down the DIY route, or you seek a professionally customised and bespoke design, we have recommendations that will make your project much easier.

Our recommended fitted kitchen suppliers

Our recommendations for the best new kitchen suppliers in the UK for 2024 are:

  • Best overall: Wickes
  • Most affordable: IKEA
  • Best variety in design: B&Q 
  • Best luxury fitted kitchen range: Magnet
  • Best for DIY projects: British Standard
  • Best trade-only brand: Howdens
  • Best on credit: Homebase
  • Most awards for quality: Wren

Wickes fitted kitchens

The Tiverton range in Sage by Wickes.

The Tiverton range in Sage by Wickes (Image credit: Wickes)

  • Kitchen ranges: 14 Bespoke ranges and five Lifestyle (flat-pack) ranges
  • Number of styles: 4
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: Yes

We believe Wickes is the best overall kitchen supplier, offering products and services that will appeal to many homeowners.

The brand offers virtual and in-person design consultations at one of its 230 UK stores. A professional designer can give you advice and recommendations based on your budget and preferences. They will create a 3D render of your kitchen in order to provide an idea of what the finished result will look like.

Wickes offer 14 Bespoke kitchen styles and five Lifestyle kitchens. Each comes in a variety of colours, and you can choose either a matt or gloss finish.

When it comes to installation, Wickes has you covered – the company offers full wet and dry installation.

Wickes also provides a 20-year warranty on its cabinet units, hinges and drawer runners. Doors and drawer fronts are guaranteed for 20 years, while blum hinges and drawer systems are guaranteed for up to 20 years.

How much do Wickes kitchens cost? 

Wickes’ Bespoke kitchens are listed in three different price brackets, but you’ll need to talk to a designer to confirm how much your kitchen will cost.

The brand’s Lifestyle range is more affordable, with Dakota kitchen units starting at £929, while the pricier Camden range starts at £3,128.

Final recommendation

Wickes is an excellent all-rounder when it comes to kitchen remodelling, with a variety of attractive designs, good product warranties, personalised services and installation options at affordable prices. It’s a great choice if you want your kitchen supplier to support you throughout the process.

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IKEA fitted kitchens

Compact fitted kitchen

IKEA fitted kitchens suit all room sizes, from enviably spacious to neat and compact. (Image credit: IKEA)

  • Kitchen ranges:
  • Number of styles: 20
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: Yes (via TaskRabbit)

You may already be familiar with IKEA’s DIY, self-assembled furniture, and IKEA kitchens work in the same way. Your kitchen cabinets will arrive as frameless, flat-packed pieces.

If you’re tempted to give the installation a go yourself, bear in mind that installing an entire kitchen consisting of hundreds of parts is not for the inexperienced or faint-hearted. However, IKEA does offer plenty of design help and a network of qualified installers that can quickly complete the work for you. You can also hire an independent contractor.

IKEA offers a wide variety of beautiful, sleek and Scandinavian-inspired kitchen designs in a number of finishes and colours. Homeowners can choose every little detail, from worktops and appliances to handles and drawer pulls.

The brand offers several warranty packages, ranging from two years to 25 years for the METOD kitchen system.

How much do IKEA kitchens cost?

Budgeting for an IKEA kitchen is tricky as every single component is individually priced. You may pay as little as £51 for a simple base cabinet with shelves and then a few extra pounds for a drawer, a drawer pull and a front. On average, you can expect to pay between £51 and £170 for base cabinets.

IKEA offers a variety of payment methods, including an attractive interest-free five-year finance option.

Final recommendation

IKEA might be the best option for you if you want to save money and customise your kitchen independently.

Unless you have a very small kitchen and only need a few cabinets, we don’t recommend installing an IKEA kitchen on your own as a DIY project (unless you have DIY experience). This means you may need to factor in around £1,500 or more for professional installation.

The main drawback of choosing IKEA as your kitchen supplier is the low quality of its products. IKEA uses materials like MDF and melamine in its cabinetry, which is much cheaper than solid wood. They’re also more prone to degradation and wear and tear.

We think IKEA is your best bet if you’re on a tight budget, but if you can stretch your cash a little further, add custom wooden drawer and cabinet fronts to the base frames instead of the melamine options. Doing so could help stretch the lifetime of your IKEA kitchen and maintain its appearance.

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B&Q fitted kitchens

b&q kitchen grey and wooden floor

B&Q offers a huge variety of affordable kitchen designs, styles and colours. (Image credit: B&Q)

  • Kitchen ranges: 12
  • Number of styles: 3
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: Available through trusted partners

B&Q offers 12 attractive kitchen ranges under its Innovo and GoodHome brands. You can choose from a variety of wall and base cabinets, worktops and accessories in several finishes and nine base colour options.

B&Q’s range includes shaker-style traditional kitchens as well as more contemporary, sleek designs in either matt or gloss finishes. You can choose between dark, natural or neutral colours and push-to-open mechanisms or integrated handles.

B&Q designers and in-store or virtual showrooms will help you plan and visualise what your kitchen will look like after installation. You can also choose between installing your kitchen yourself, finding an installer independently, or using one of B&Q’s trusted local partners.

Offering some of the most affordable kitchens on the market, B&Q kitchen products also come with generous warranties:

  • Cabinets, drawers, hinges and worktops are covered for 25 years
  • Sinks are covered for 15 years
  • Taps, bins and internal storage solutions are covered for 10 years
  • GoodHome appliances are covered for five years

The brand also offers a two-year workmanship guarantee.

How much do B&Q kitchens cost?

Eight B&Q base kitchen cabinets start from as little as £1,053 for the Balsamita range. Prices go all the way up to £2,798 for the premium Alisma handle-free range. Payment can be made via monthly instalments, credit, “buy now, pay later” and other options.

Final recommendation

B&Q kitchens may be low priced, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have choices. The brand offers a huge variety of affordable kitchen designs, styles and colours, so you can really make your vision a reality.

The company will take a hands-on approach to part of the process, but you’ll need to be more involved than with other brands, such as Wickes or Magnet. However, the significant cost savings – if this is a priority for you, could make B&Q your ideal kitchen supplier.

See our full B&Q review for more information.

Magnet fitted kitchens

magnet fitted kitchen

Magnet kitchens are available in shaker, traditional or modern styles. (Image credit: Magnet)

  • Kitchen ranges: 18
  • Number of styles: 3
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: Yes

Magnet offers extremely high-quality products, luxurious finishes and excellent customer service, including full design, installation and aftercare support. Unlike many other kitchen companies on this list, Magnet gives you the chance to customise colours for paint-to-order perfection.

You can kick-start the process with a virtual or in-store consultation. Kitchens are available in shaker, traditional or modern styles. You can order your new Magnet kitchen factory assembled or ready to install. The latter is the cheapest option, but it’s not available for all ranges.

This supplier offers a 15–20-year warranty with its cabinets, plus monthly financing and “buy now, pay later” options.

How much do Magnet kitchens cost? 

Magnet’s pricing reflects its premium quality. You can purchase a Luna, J-pull style kitchen with eight cabinets for roughly £3,002, but pricing goes all the way up to £6,406 or more (excluding installation) for the Integra range.

Final recommendation

There’s very little to fault Magnet on. Its products are of the highest quality, its service is excellent and judging by the 4.6-star rating the company currently holds on TrustPilot, customers are very satisfied with their Magnet kitchens.

The only real issue is the price, which is quite manageable if you are willing to finance your kitchen through monthly payments.

Overall, if you are looking to remodel your kitchen using the highest-quality products and you have a generous budget, Magnet could be the right fit for you.

See our full Magnet fitted kitchen review for more information.

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British Standard fitted kitchens

British Standard cupboards are the perfect addition to this rustic kitchen aesthetic

British Standard cupboards are the perfect addition to this rustic kitchen aesthetic (Image credit: British Standard)

Kitchen ranges:

Number of styles:

Finance available: No

Installation service: No (can recommend trusted local partners)

Of the best new kitchen suppliers in the UK in 2022, British Standard takes a different approach. Homeowners start by designing their ideal kitchen with or without the help of an in-house designer, then purchase products online via the British Standard website.

British Standard offers a variety of cupboard units and other products. The cupboards arrive primed which enables you to paint and fit them on your own or with the help of an installer. This gives you complete creative control. Paint and style your new kitchen however you like!

Unlike other kitchen suppliers, this company only offers one Georgian-inspired off-the-shelf kitchen range. The cupboards have a very clean and traditional aesthetic, and they are handmade from solid wood on British soil. Worktops are also made from wood and are oiled before and after fitting.

How much do British Standard kitchens cost?

A single cupboard can cost £700 or more, and it will cost from £8,000 for a standard kitchen. This pricing does put British Standard above the likes of Wickes and Magnet, but it’s still not as expensive as Neptune or Harvey Jones.

Final recommendation

British Standard won’t appeal to everyone. While many of the other companies we’ve reviewed offer warranties, fitting and installation, pre-painted cabinetry, and several ranges to select from, British Standard doesn’t offer any of these bells and whistles. 

Instead, you get off-the-shelf, high-quality, handmade wooden British cabinetry that you can modify and style according to your preferences.

We recommend British Standard if you have a specific vision for your kitchen. It’s a good choice if you’re looking for a simple, rustic and sophisticated look and you want total control over the colour scheme.

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Howdens fitted kitchens

howdens fitted kitchen with grey cupboard doors

With 25 different kitchen ranges, you have a lot of choice with Howdens (Image credit: Howdens)

  • Kitchen ranges: 25
  • Number of styles: 3
  • Finance available: No
  • Installation service: No

Howdens is a high-quality, trade-only fitted kitchen brand with 25 different ranges and three styles that can be combined and modified in 75 different ways. The Elmbridge Dove Grey Kitchen won the award for 2022 Best Classic Kitchen in the Ideal Home Kitchen Awards.

With 25 different kitchen ranges, you have a lot of choice with Howdens. Choose from gloss, grain or matt finishes, or select a paintable kitchen if you fancy getting creative. There are also several accessories and appliance packages available to help complete your kitchen.

All Howdens’s UK-manufactured cabinets are backed by a generous 25-year warranty against issues arising from defects in the manufacturing process or raw materials. Doors are guaranteed for five years.

How much do Howdens kitchens cost?

Howdens prices are only supplied to the trade, with each tradesperson getting an individual deal. This means Howdens pricing can be quite opaque and inconsistent. How much you pay depends on the products you choose and the builder you work with.

From online reviews, the average Howdens kitchen appears to cost anywhere from £5,000 to £15,000 depending on the installer, appliances, finishes and the choice of flooring or tiling.

Final recommendation

Howdens offers wonderful designs, colour options and styles. No matter your taste or requirements, you’ll find something you like. Remember, since prices are only made available to builders, you must find a trustworthy builder to work with.

Howdens offers truly great quality. All its manufacturing sites hold a (BS) ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management system accreditation that can attest to the company’s high standards.

See our full Howdens review for more information.

Homebase fitted kitchens

homebase fitted kitchen with island and white cupboard doors

Homebase offers variety, value for money, and solid customer service. (Image credit: Homebase)

  • Kitchen ranges:
  • Number of styles: 50 
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: No

Homebase offers great variety at a good price. In addition to the Homebase kitchen range, which features six different designs, the company also offers three further kitchen collections: House Beautiful, Country Living and Küchenmöbel.

The Homebase range arrives flat-packed with a 15-year warranty period, so you can assemble and install the cabinets yourself. The three other brands come with a 20-year warranty period and offer attractive styles that arrive pre-built for ease of installation.

Homebase doesn’t offer installation, but you can take advantage of fully accredited virtual or in-store design consultation services. When the time comes to install your kitchen, you can either do so yourself or enlist the help of a trusted local tradesperson.

What we really like about this kitchen brand is its financing options. It’s not always possible to pay for a kitchen upfront, and many people depend on financing. Homebase offers interest-free credit (or interest-bearing credit for up to seven years) and a deposit-free “buy now, pay later” plan. The interest-free plan requires a £500 minimum spend. You can pay it off over 10 months or up to five years without early settlement penalties.

How much do Homebase kitchens cost? 

The price of Homebase kitchens varies depending on the style and number of cabinets purchased. In general, a Homebase kitchen will cost anywhere between £2,000 and £6,000 not including installation.

Final recommendation

Homebase offers variety, value for money and solid customer service. The guarantees offered with its cabinets are very comprehensive, ranging from 15 to 20 years. There is also an additional guarantee on inserts, baskets and laminate worktops for up to five years.

Overall, Homebase is a great option if you want to purchase your new kitchen on credit without compromising on quality or limiting your design options.

For more information, see our full Homebase review.

Wren fitted kitchens

Stylish soft blue shaker fitted kitchen

An attractive indigo blue, wood-grain effect shaker fitted kitchen (Image credit: Wren)

  • Kitchen ranges: 1 flat-pack and 3 ready-built
  • Number of styles: 3 – modern, shaker and traditional, with numerous design options within the styles
  • Finance available: Yes
  • Installation service: Yes

Wren has been manufacturing fitted kitchens from its UK-based plants for decades. Managing every element itself, from using innovative production techniques, right through to installations, has allowed the company to keep costs lower than many other suppliers. They also have an impressive record of recycling, using sustainable materials and charity fundraising. 

Offering extensive planning and design options, Wren gives customers the option of online, in-store and at home consultations, all incorporating 3D 360° walk-throughs. This fully immersive technique allows customers to experience their new kitchen virtually before making any decisions. 

Wren is widely recognised for its high quality and professional installations by industries and associations, including The Furniture Industry Research Association and The British Furniture Manufacturers. In 2019, it was also awarded the Made in Britain marque for its manufacturing processes.  

Wren fitted kitchens are available in a wide range of styles, designs, colours and effects. Extra additions can also be incorporated, including built-in wine racks, display shelves and even pet beds. Accessories and appliances can be supplied by the company, making it a one-stop shop for high quality fitted kitchens. 

How much do Wren fitted kitchens cost? 

By cutting out the middleman, Wren has managed to make high quality kitchens affordable. Although its bespoke range is around £5,300 for an eight-unit kitchen with three appliances, its lower price band option still manages to combine quality materials and production with a starting cost of £505.

Each kitchen comes with Wren’s guarantee covering up to 25 years, and a five-year guarantee is placed on all Wren installations.

Final recommendation

If you’re looking for a fitted kitchen that combines style, quality and affordability, then Wren is well worth considering. With numerous design options, the ability to supply appliances and an impressively innovative 3D virtual planning 360° walk-through, Wren makes choosing a new fitted kitchen easy. 


How to choose your new fitted kitchen

Modern designed kitchen with brick

Consider your budget: cabinets are the highest cost, but you also have to consider fixtures, flooring, tiling, appliances, and installation costs. (Image credit: Adobe)

The best kitchen suppliers offer a range of choices and different service options, so you can get as involved with the process as you want. Kitchens should be beautifully designed, creating a practical space to work, relax and socialise, and manufactured using high-quality materials. They should also come with good warranties to give you peace of mind. Credit options are another important feature for some buyers who need help financing their dream kitchen.

To help you choose the best kitchen supplier for you and your home, we’ve compiled a list of things you need to research before making a final decision.

1. Available space

Before making any decisions, we recommend accurately measuring your kitchen. Consider the floorplan and the wall size. These measurements will help you and your designer (if you use one) when it comes to finalising your kitchen layout and shopping list.

2. Budget

Be very clear on your budget before making any decisions. Cabinets are the highest cost, but you also have to consider fixtures, flooring, tiling, appliances and installation costs. There are clever ways to cut costs without compromising on your style, like swapping wood for laminate.

Kitchen supplierCost of an 8-unit kitchen (excluding installation)
IKEAFrom £475
WrenFrom £505
WickesFrom £929
B&QFrom £1,050
MagnetFrom £2,390
HowdensFrom £5,000 (estimate)

3. Style

Everyone has unique tastes, but try to consider what suits your home and what will appeal to future occupants (if you plan on selling your home in the future). There are common design themes to choose from, including handle-free, traditional, modern and shaker, so consider what style suits your home and requirements the best.

4. Colour

Colour choices are a good way to elevate your style and achieve your desired look. We find that monochromatic blacks, greys and whites are best suited to sleek, modern kitchens, while greens, natural creams and browns work well in traditional spaces with wooden features. You could always opt for pastels or whites if you’re unsure and add pops of colour to your space to inject a little personality.

5. Kitchen shapes

The shape of your kitchen can have a big impact on the products and style you choose. A smaller kitchen might work best with a one-wall galley and fitted appliances flush with storage, while large kitchens are well-suited to a U-shaped design or L-shaped countertops. An island can also add life and energy into a kitchen if you have the space for one.

Final verdict

The Chester range in Cloudy Blue by Wickes

The Chester range in Cloudy Blue by Wickes (Image credit: Wickes)

You should now have a better idea of which kitchen suppliers are suited to you based on your individual budget, style preferences and installation needs.

Wren offers the lowest prices, and has the most awards for its consistent high quality. IKEA flat-packs come a close second, although you might not have the time or skill (or patience) to do the assembly yourself. B&Q offers the most variety at a fair price, and Magnet is our choice for luxurious kitchens with quality customer service.

If you want a traditional shaker-style aesthetic and you have a generous budget, British Standard may appeal to you. You might be put off by the idea of DIY installation and hand-painting, but you could always hire a professional installer to help you out.

Howdens is the best trade-only brand, and you might be attracted by its exceptional quality and exciting design options. However, for more transparent pricing that helps you budget, you might find Wren is a better option. 

Homebase offers the most attractive credit options for those who need flexible financing. With four brands and 17 ranges, Homebase customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to style.

Our favourite all-rounder is Wickes, with good variety, competitive pricing, attractive payment options and warranties.

Whichever supplier you select, make sure you ask the right questions and don’t proceed until you are satisfied with your choice.

How we found the best new kitchen suppliers in the UK 2022

To compile this report, we read thousands of customer reviews, professional reports and technical documentation, as well as third-party media articles. We then compiled a scoring system to rate the UK’s kitchen suppliers against one another based on the factors consumers care about most.

This included:

  • The quality of the units (loading shelves, drawers, runners, hinges and worktops for three points each), for a total of 15 points;
  • The availability of an in-house designer, for a total of five points;
  • The availability of an in-house installer, for a total of five points;
  • The number of ranges, colours and designs, for a maximum of five points each and a total of 15 points;
  • The availability and length of warranty, for a total of 15 points;
  • The cost, for a total of 10 points;
  • Customer reviews and star ratings (Trustpilot, Google and, for a total of 15 points;
  • Payment options, for a total of 10 points; and
  • The number of local showrooms, shops and installers, for a total of 10 points.

A final total score out of 100 points was given for each brand.