The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A is a versatile and highly adaptable air source heat pump. It’s available solely for heating or for heating and cooling, depending on your needs. The heat pump consists of an indoor wall-mounted unit and an outdoor unit. It offers a COP-optimised cascade function so that up to five heat pumps can be connected. 

The indoor unit is very compact, measuring just 880mm (h) x 450mm (w) x 370mm (d), meaning it won’t take up too much space in your house. The outdoor unit’s exceptionally quiet operating sound level makes it appropriate for terraced houses or built-up areas.

The air-to-water Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump is available in outputs of 2.3kW to 11.8kW. It’s compatible with existing heating systems and can be connected to solar panels with ease. All but two models in the series hold an A+++ efficiency rating.

The heat pump can be controlled via a very simple control unit or via the ViCare remote smartphone app. The unit is sleek and attractive, and the monobloc design means all components are housed internally, making maintenance very simple.

Homeowners have the option of purchasing a maintenance plan from Viessmann to keep their heat pump in optimal condition at all times, and it comes with a generous seven-year warranty on parts.

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Technical information

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A is a quiet and easy-to-install monobloc air source heat pump. The heat pump can be installed as a replacement or be integrated into both new and existing heating systems. You can also connect it to solar panels for an environmentally friendly and economical home energy system.

You can select from six different models with outputs of 2.3kW to 11.8kW and a maximum flow temperature of up to 60°C at −10°C. Units are available with heating functionality only or heating and cooling, depending on your needs. The smallest outdoor unit measures 753mm (h) x 1,109mm (w) x 546mm (d), and the largest measures 1,377mm (h) x 1,109mm (w) x 546mm (d). The indoor unit measures 880mm (h) x 450mm (w) x 370mm (d).

  • Guarantee options: Seven years
  • Price range: From £5,780 to £9,990
  • Efficiency: A+++ (models A04 and A06 have an energy efficiency rating of A++)
  • Max power: 11.8kW

Key features

  • Highlights: This is one of the quietest units on the market of this type. The sound pressure level is 35dB(A), so it is barely audible.
  • Key benefit: The Vitocal 200-A has an energy efficiency rating of A++ to A+++, depending on the model. It uses environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, lowering your home’s carbon footprint significantly.
  • Maximum flow temperature: 60°C
  • Minimum temperature: −10°C

Pros and cons

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A is a compact and efficient air source heat pump, but it may not be suitable for every home. We recommend considering all of the benefits and disadvantages carefully before reaching a final decision.


  • Low sound levels: The outdoor unit follows the Advanced Acoustic Design (AAD) model, which takes structural-acoustic specifications into account. This results in a barely audible sound pressure level of just 35dB(A). The fan is sound-optimised and uses intelligent speed control to further reduce airborne noise.
  • Suitable for renovations: You can add this heat pump to your home as an additional heat source. It will cover the majority of demand, leaving your existing heating system in place to take over when the temperature drops to below −10°C.
  • Low operating costs: A high coefficient of performance of up to 4.7 means operating costs are low.
  • Easy to operate: The Vitotronic control unit uses a graphic display and plain text for easy management. The heat pump is also web-enabled and can be controlled via the free ViCare app if preferred.
  • Energy efficiency: All models except the A04 and A06 are rated A+++ for energy efficiency.


  • Not suitable for very cold climates: The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A will operate at 100% in temperatures as low as −10°C, but will become less effective in colder weather.
  • Cost: The Viessmann Vitocal range is among the most expensive on the market.

How do Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pumps work?

A diagram of the internal mechanisms of a Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump.

The internal components of the Viessmann Vitocal 200-A have been streamlined to make the unit more compact. (Image credit: Viessmann)

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump converts outside air into energy that heats your home and provides hot water. This enables you to reduce your energy bills and operate your home in a more environmentally friendly way, since you won’t need to use gas or oil.

The model features a compact monobloc outdoor unit as well as an attractive wall-mounted indoor unit. Some units also feature a cooling functionality. 

There are either single or double fans in each unit, developed and manufactured in-house. Viessmann also uses environmentally friendly refrigerants to ensure that their heat pumps are as sustainable as possible.

Installation is quick and simple. The system features water-filled hydraulic lines running to the outdoor unit, meaning your installer does not need an F-Gas certification. The Vitocal 200-A comes with pre-assembled components and accessories that easily fit together, meaning installation is very quick.

How does the Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump compare to others?

Very few units can compare to the Viessmann Vitocal’s energy efficiencies, but if you are looking for even more power (at a better price), we can recommend the Hitachi Yutaki S80. This unit offers outputs of up to 32kW, heats water up to 80°C, remains functional in temperatures as low as −20°C and still maintains an A+++ energy efficiency rating.

If you have limited indoor space, you might want to consider Viessmann’s Vitocal 100-A air source heat pump. Costing from £3,041 to £6,667, this is cheaper than the 200-A and is very popular. However, it is slightly less suitable for low temperatures as it only operates at 100% down to temperatures of −5°C.

Mitsubishi offers a similar range of monobloc air source heat pumps that you may want to consider if you have a lower budget. You can choose from several different power options, ranging from 4.5kW to 14kW. These heat pumps have a minimum operating temperature of −20°C to −28°C and an A+++ efficiency rating. However, the warranty offered is only five years, which is slightly shorter than Viessmann’s longest guarantee.

For very cold climates, we would suggest the Daikin Altherma range, which has been designed to handle temperatures of −28°C as well as cold and wet weather conditions.

How much does the Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump cost?

Starting at £4,218 and peaking at over £10,000 for the heat pump unit alone, the Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump is one of the most expensive on the market. Here’s how it compares to its competitors:

ModelCost (excluding installation and labour)
Viessmann Vitocal 100-AFrom £3,041 to £6,667
Viessmann Vitocal 200-AFrom £4,218 to £10,277
Mitsubishi Ecodan MonoblocFrom £2,600 to £5,815
Hitachi Yutaki S80From £7,240 to £8,165

Maintaining your Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump

For a simple and dependable maintenance service, you may want to consider Viessmann’s fixed-price warranty and maintenance plan which costs £30 per month, payable via direct debit. This includes an annual service and covers all spare parts and labour for up to seven years.

There’s no need to perform periodic DIY maintenance on your Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump, although we recommend checking your outdoor unit regularly for any dirt, insects or debris that might impede the flow of air through the unit.

Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump add-ons

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump outdoor units and indoor unit on a white background.

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump requires a compact indoor unit, while the outdoor unit comes in two different sizes depending on the system’s output. (Image credit: Viessmann)

You can enable wi-fi control and monitoring by connecting the Vitoconnect web interface accessory to your Vitocal 200-A heat pump and using the free ViCare app.

What the professionals say

“Viessmann’s heating, cooling, hot water and energy solutions are considered some of the best in the world, and its range of air source heat pumps is no exception. Ideal for new builds and renovations, the brand’s air-source heat pumps are an efficient and eco-friendly way of heating your home. Each one is engineered in Germany and features superior build quality for reliability and long-lasting performance.”

“Just like Worcester Bosch, Viessmann also offers a hybrid air-source heat pump, which is compatible with existing heating systems, making it ideal for older housing stock. The Vitocal 200-A is their current hybrid model. Like all Viessmann products, their heat pumps benefit from superior German-engineered components, which include their heat pump and gold-plated heat exchanger. This is particularly suited to the cold and damp UK climate, as studies have shown it is resistant to corrosion.”

Customer reviews

“Excellent customer service, a breath of fresh air! Given the appalling customer service I have received from other non-related companies recently. I would highly recommend Viessmann products and services. Superb!”

“Great service and reliability, friendly tradesman, very efficient.”

Final recommendation

The German-engineered Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump is a powerful and energy-efficient heating and hot water solution. Some models are also equipped with cooling functionality.

With an A+++ ErP rating, maximum seven-year warranty, and attractive design, there’s a lot to like about this heat pump. It could save you considerable money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

The monobloc design is well-suited to smaller homes where outdoor and indoor space is limited. The units are very easy and quick to install, saving you money on installation and reducing disruption to your home.

If you live in a particularly cold climate, this heat pump doesn’t compare to alternatives like the Daikin ALTHERMA range. However, a minimum operating temperature of −10°C should be suitable for many homes in the UK.

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-A is not the cheapest system by far, but it’s efficient enough to justify the spending in the long run.


We compiled our Viessmann Vitocal 200-A air source heat pump review by reading customer testimonials, professional forums, technical documentation and third-party media articles.

We then compiled a 100-point scorecard to rate the Viessmann Vitocal 200-A against, consisting of the following criteria:

  • The warranty period offered by the brand, for a total of 10 points;
  • The overall reputation of the brand based on online reviews, for a total of 15 points;
  • Trustpilot reviews, for a total of five points;
  • Awards and accolades (eg, Which? Best Buy Awards), for a total of five points;
  • Customer service performance, for a total of 10 points;
  • The price range, for a total of 15 points;
  • Efficiency ratings, for a total of 15 points;
  • Installation and maintenance network and reviews, for a total of 15 points; and
  • The total warranty period, for a total of 10 points.

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