Vitocal 350-G Pro ground source heat pump

Vitocal 350-G Pro is a large ground source heat pump.

The Vitocal 350-G Pro ground source heat pump is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for high temperatures for hygienic DHW generation or for providing heat to radiator systems. The Vitocal 350-G Pro is a large heating system that enables flow temperatures up to 73 degrees Celsius, which allows the heating of large buildings, such as commercial buildings and administration buildings.

In addition, because of its comprehensive remote maintenance, Vitocal offers a high degree of availability. The innovative PLC-based Vitotronic control panel enables remote access to your heat pump system quickly anywhere, any time. The unit offers many options for communication that aids in system monitoring and maintenance.

Aside from regular LAN-systems, you can use Bacnet and Modbus systems to connect the ground source heat pump to a superordinate building management system. 

The system also includes a control unit that is designed for cooling operation and permits cold water levels to be regulated and controlled. 

Another feature worth mentioning is their large 7-inch colour touch display that is attached directly to the heat pump. Its intuitive OS means that you won’t need to have the physical manual at hand.

Who is Viessmann?

Viessmann is an international family business that consists of a family of entrepreneurs. Johann Viessmann founded the company in 1917 and it has been growing globally ever since. Nowadays, Viessmann Group has over 12,000 employees across the globe.

Over 100 years since its birth, Viessmann has become one of the leading global manufacturers of heating and refrigeration systems. Currently, it has 22 production companies in 12 countries, 120 sales offices internationally, and representatives in 74 countries.

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Technical information

The Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro is an efficient ground source heat pump that has a maximum flow temperature of 73°C. The Vitocal 350-G Pro features remote monitoring and communication, provides efficient cooling, and reliable technology. 

  • Output: 27 – 198kW (brine/water) and 37 – 274kW (water/water)
  • Flow temperature: up to 73°C
  • Dimensions: 2816mm (l) x 911mm (w) x 1650mm (h) (type BW 353.B198)
  • Weight: 1678kg
  • Efficiency: A++
Vitocal 350-G Pro ground source heat pump

Vitocal 350-G Pro heat pump has an intuitive touchscreen and can even be monitored remotely (image credit: Viessmann)

Key features

  • DHW heated in compliance with hygiene standards. Vitocal 350-G Pro enables high flow temperatures of 73°C, and this meets the requirements of hygiene regulations for DHW heating. 
  • Remote monitoring and communication. The Vitocal 350-G Pro features multiple communications options from analogue modem to LAN-systems. It can also utilise Mobus as well as BACnetnet communications tech. This enables the system to be accessible for remote maintenance and can quickly be integrated into an existing building management system.
  • Efficient cooling. When the unit is in cooling mode, it decides if the waste heat can be used for charging the heating water buffer cylinder or if it will be used for DHW heating. Alternatively, the waste heat can be used to reheat the ground loop or may be discharged to outdoor air. 
  • Pre-assembled electrical equipment. All the electrical equipment will already be integrated inside the pump casing. This guarantees an easy and straightforward installation and safe integration of the heat pump into the system.
  • Reliable technology. The refrigerant cycle diagnostic system constantly checks for efficiency and safeguards the efficient function at any operating point.
  • Quiet operation. The unit has been designed to operate quietly. The compressors emit noise in the 50 – 60Hz range. The noise has been kept within the casing thanks to the excellent construction of the frame and anti-vibration casing components.

Pros and cons

Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro is an excellent ground source heat pump and includes numerous benefits to the homeowner. 

  • Low operating costs. The operating costs of Vitocal 350-G Pro are low because of the high coefficient of performance.
  • Low-cost partial load operations. Two or three equally powerful compressors enable low-cost partial load operation.
  • Quiet operation. The sound-optimised appliance design enables low noise and low vibration emissions.
  • Touchscreen. Vitocal features an easy-to-use and intuitive control unit with a touchscreen.
  • High flow temperature. High flow-temperature of 73°C.

There are also some cons that are worth mentioning.

  • High cost up front. The unit itself costs about £10,000 plus installation.

How the Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro works 

The Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro is typical of how a ground source heat pump works. It circulates a thermally conductive liquid solution through piping buried in the ground outside a house or office building. Once the liquid has absorbed the ground’s thermal energy, the solution goes back into the heat pump and is further heated via a compressor, transferred to a heat exchange then circulated around the home as hot water to radiators, underfloor heating and so on.

Vitocal 350-G Pro ground source heat pump

Vitocal 350-G Pro is an excellent choice for large buildings (image credit: Viessmann)

Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro review: essential features

Vitocal 350-G Pro satisfies higher heat demands and you can pair units in a primary-secondary arrangement in order to extend and improve their power. For example, by connecting two Vitocal BW 351.B42 units at 42.3kW each, you will be able to double your output to 84.6 kW, making the Vitocal 350-G Pro one of the most powerful ground source heat pumps for residential buildings. 

In addition, the low-vibration design means it’s very quiet. 

Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro review: add-ons

Viessmann offers the Vitoconnect 100, a Wi-Fi interface which enables  you to remotely operate your heating system. You can do remote maintenance straight from the app and access the system anytime, anywhere.

What does the Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro cost?

Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro starts at about £10,000. Typically, ground source heat pumps start at about £3,000 and the price can climb as high as £17,000. Thus, the Viessmann Vitocal 350-G Pro is not the cheapest heat pump on the market, but falls nicely into the mid-category.

What the professionals say

“These Vitocal 350-G ground source heat pumps are particularly powerful and designed for installation within residential buildings. They’re highly efficient and are able to deliver hot water temperatures up to 70°C.”

“The Viessmann Vitocal 350-G is the most powerful model in the range, providing single-stage heating outputs from 20.5 to 42.3kW and two-stage from 41 to 84.6kW. The two-stage can also achieve flow temperatures of up to 70°C thanks to its powerful EVI (enhanced vapour injection) refrigerant circuit compressor. The novel device uses an enhanced vapour injection to cool the refrigerant so that it can be more densely compressed. This enables the Vitocal 350-G to deliver temperatures high for modernisation projects and radiator heating systems.”

Thanks to its low-vibration design, the Vitocal 350-G is one of the quietest heat generators of its kind. This heat pump is supplied with an output of 20.5kW, 28.7kW, 32.7kW or 42.3kW, and higher output levels can be achieved by linking together multiple heat pump units. It achieves a flow temperature of up to 70°C, making it a great choice for houses and apartment buildings with existing radiator heating systems.”

What customers say

“Really pleased with the boiler and a very competitive price. Not so happy with the installation as a lot of excuses about not being able to fit and not being able to complete the installation which was very poor and left to freeze for many days but can fully recommend the brand.”

“The boiler is great. It did stop once, but was easy to restart with the helpful guide. Our experience with the young engineer who installed it was not so good. He was very good at the installation part, but ripped up our kitchen lino and did not even apologise, and got extremely angry when we struggled to understand how to operate the thermostat, even at one point, telling me to “get that look off your face!”. When it comes to the yearly checks, we will use another company.”

“Installed very quickly and competently, ensured all was demonstrated how it worked and tested. Also the external pipe sucked in a piece of paper which got stuck in the fan, repairer returned near immediately, found the problem and fixed without fuss .unit has been running for near a year now and is incredibly efficient. Has cut our heating use in half even though it runs near constantly, the original radiators although used at only low temp are completely fine too.”

Our methodology

We know how important and expensive a heat pump system can be. When compiling this review, we read thousands of in-depth customer reviews (Google, Trustpilot and forums), sought professional opinions, read media articles and consulted professional reports to provide a score out of 100 points for the Kensa Shoebox.

The points were compiled as follows: 

  • The warranty period offered by the brand, for a total of 10 points;
  • The overall reputation of the brand is based on online reviews, for a total of 15 points;
  • Trustpilot reviews, for a total of 5 points;
  • Awards and accolades (e.g. Which? Best Buy Awards) for a total of 5 points;
  • Customer service performance, for a total of 10 points;
  • The price range, for a total of 15 points;
  • Efficiency ratings, for a total of 15 points; 
  • Installation and maintenance network and reviews, for a total of 15 points; and
  • The total warranty period for a total of 10 points. 

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