Hey!’s home security packages can be expanded with add-on smart technology and accessories. (Image credit: Hey!)

Smart home security systems provide improved protection against break-ins, theft, and other threats, such as flooding or fire. They often include motion sensors, security cameras, and alarms that can be remotely accessed and controlled via smartphones or computers. Most systems send real-time notifications to an app when any unusual activity or security breach occurs, allowing homeowners to take immediate action, while others feature professional monitoring services that will notify the authorities, if necessary. 

Hey! has designed its products to provide a simple self-monitoring solution to smart home security. Offering both ready-made systems and individual items, homeowners can tailor their security set-up to suit their requirements. Hey!’s devices are simple to install and send real-time alerts to mobile devices if security breaches are detected. 

Hey!’s product catalogue includes smart light bulbs, lamps, plugs, and smart security devices.

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Rating: ★★★½

Hey! offers user-friendly, customisable smart home security systems for homes. Designed for easy self-installation, its range includes video doorbells, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors. Hey! has also produced a catalogue of smart devices, focusing on lighting and power supplies, some of which are included in its security packages. 

Our experts have reviewed Hey!’s security products and concluded that the individual products are effective and provide good value for money. However, its ready-made home security packages lack some items, such as sensors, that would offer homeowners a more comprehensive security solution.

How does a smart home security system work?

A smart security system differs from a traditional one in various aspects, including connectivity, functionality and user control.

Traditional systems usually rely on hardwired connections, such as phone lines or wired networks, to communicate with monitoring centres or trigger alarms. This makes them more vulnerable to tampering or disconnection.

A smart home security system is an advanced, interconnected network of wireless devices and sensors designed to protect a home or property from unauthorised access, intrusion, or theft. These systems can use a combination of hardware and software components to monitor, detect, and alert homeowners or authorities of potential security threats. 

In addition to intrusion detection, smart systems offer a more comprehensive range of features, such as video surveillance, smart locks, environmental monitoring – typically smoke, carbon monoxide, and water leak detection, and integration with home automation devices. These added functionalities provide a more comprehensive security solution.

Traditional security systems often require professional installation and can be labour-intensive, due to the need to run wires and install physical components. Many smart security devices are designed for easy DIY installation, with wireless connections and user-friendly setup processes. This can save time and money and allows users to customise the system to their preferences.

Hey! overview

  • Equipment cost: From £21.99 for a motion sensor, to £299.99 for the Deluxe Smart Home Kit II
  • Monthly fee: N/A
  • Power outage backup: Battery backup for floodlight camera
  • Mobile phone backup: Yes, using the cloud (starts from only £3.49/month) or a micro SD card
  • Live streaming: Yes
  • Push alerts: Yes, through the Hey! app
  • Remotely arm/disarm system: Yes, via the app
  • Voice assistants: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Siri 
  • Apps for: iOS and Android

Pros and cons


  • Easy installation
  • Simple to use
  • Router connectivity avoids the need for a dedicated hub
  • Affordable options
  • Stores footage to the cloud from £3.49/month, or free on an SD card


  • App not regularly updated
  • Some users have reported false alarms
  • Some packages lack certain security items, such as sensors

How does Hey! compare?

Hey! offers one of the cheapest smart home security options compared with the other companies we’ve reviewed. At £129.99, it’s over £60 cheaper than ADT and, unlike ADT, Hey! requires no professional installation. Ring and Abode home security systems compare favourably with Hey! in terms of affordability, delivering value for money across a broad range of self-installation products. 

Its systems are all self-monitored, so there are also no monthly fees, unless you choose to store video footage in the cloud, which costs £3.49 a month. Yale offers a similar self-monitoring security system, although its products are pricier. 

Hey!’s catalogue includes four smart home security systems, but the company also produces other smart home devices. These include its smart Gaming Light Kit, Energy Management Kit, and various smart lighting solutions. 

Surprisingly, none of its ready-made kits include internal cameras, although they can be purchased separately for £49.99 and integrated into your system.

Key featureADTSimpliSafeRingHey!
Minimum equipment cost (without installation)£199£249.96£219.99£129.99
Starting monthly fee£35.99 (36 months minimum)From £15.90£3.49 (optional)£3.49 (optional)
Power outage backupChecked daily by ADT24-hour backup battery24-hour battery backupBattery backup on floodlight camera and long battery charge specified on some items
Mobile phone backupCloud storage4G data backupYes, cloud storage with subscriptionCloud storage or SD card
Live streamingYesYesYesYes
Push alertsYesYesYesYes
Remotely arm/disarm systemYesYesYesYes

How much does Hey! home security cost?

Hey! has produced several smart home security kits to suit a range of budgets, which can be self-installed and don’t require an extra home hub for connectivity. There is no option for professional monitoring and, therefore, no monthly fees – just the upfront cost of the equipment.  

For a tailored security system, individual devices can be purchased separately and added to your system, creating a customised solution to home security. However, if you find yourself buying several extra devices to incorporate into a kit, it may be more economical to forego the ready-made kit and purchase a selection of devices that are more suitable to your requirements.

Package nameEquipmentCost
Security Kit1x Video doorbell 1x Motion sensor 2x Contact sensor£129.99
Surveillance Kit1x Video doorbell 1x External camera£149.99
Ultra Surveillance Kit1x Video doorbell 1x External camera 1x Floodlight camera£249.99
Deluxe Smart Home Kit II1x Video doorbell 1x Floodlight camera 1x Motion sensor 1x Contact sensor 2x Smart lightbulb 1x Smart power strip 2x Smart plug 1x Smart dome lamp£299.99

Equipment overview

Hey! Products are designed for easy installation. The camera boxes include the necessary magnetic brackets, rawl plugs and screws, while the sensors are attached with adhesive pads, which are also included. The floodlight camera is the only product that requires hardwiring.

Unusually for home security systems, Hey! products connect straight to your router, eliminating the need for a hub and any associated wiring. 

Our researchers have taken a closer look at each component in Hey!’s home security kits. 

Video doorbell

Hey!’s video doorbell can be simply stuck onto a wall and the wireless system will be ready to be paired with the app. (Image credit: Hey!)

Hey!’s waterproof video doorbell is easy to install and offers full motion detection, automatic night vision, and two-way communication. It also has a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees.

  • Lasts four months on a single battery charge
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Streams via Echo Show and Google Chromecast
  • Full HD video directly to your smartphone
  • Free chime included

External camera

The smart external camera provides two-way audio communication, automatic night vision, and comes with an IP65 waterproof rating. It also has an adjustable motion detection range, with a maximum distance of 12 metres and covering 120 degrees. The box includes a charging cable and fixing accessories. 

  • Lasts four months on a single battery charge
  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Streams via Echo Show and Google Chromecast
  • Full HD video directly to your smartphone

Internal camera

Hey!’s smart indoor camera is not included with any of its packages, but it’s worth considering adding it to your security system, particularly if you have a more expansive home. Priced at £49.99, it offers two-way audio communication, an adjustable motion detection range of up to 12 metres, and night vision. Covering an area of 120 degrees, it streams live-video footage directly to your Hey! smartphone app, and can replay video footage with an SD card (not included), or you can choose to store content on the paid-for cloud service from £3.49 a month. 

Floodlight camera

The dimmable floodlight camera has been given an IP65 waterproof rating. It features an adjustable motion detection range of up to 12 metres across 120 degrees, night vision, and two-way audio communication. 

Hardwire the camera directly into your home’s electrical circuit and securely fix it to the outside of your home with the included wall bracket. It connects directly to your wifi router and is operated via the Hey! app. This can be carried out by yourself, following the detailed instructions, or, for the less confident DIYer, a professional can be employed to install your camera. 

  • Streams via Echo Show and Google Chromecast

Motion sensor

The motion sensor can be easily paired with Alexa for voice control and offers a 120-degree detection angle and a 10 metre range. It features a night vision night light and is battery-powered, meaning installation is simple. Unfortunately, the motion sensor lacks adjustability for pets, meaning you may receive false alarms if you have animals around.

Smart light bulbs

These are available in several styles, including spotlights, candles, colour changing and dimmable light bulbs, and are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. 

What do customers say?

Trustpilot awards Hey! 4.2 stars out of five with over 220 customer reviews. Four- and five-star reviews capture 83% of the ratings, while 11% are one- and two-star reviews. 

Most of the positive reviews focus on the simplicity of installing Hey! products and the quality of its customer service. Conversely, a number of the lower-rated reviews mention poor customer service experiences and disappointing product performances.

It should be noted that many of the Trustpilot reviews are for Hey! smart home security products, rather than specifically commenting on its security devices. 

“Items arrived quickly following my order. I was impressed with the build quality and also the software used to control the items. I have integrated all items into my Google Home without issue. So far, I’ve purchased bulbs, plugs, a security camera and a light. I will be adding more of the range in the near future.”


“I’d avoid the Hey! Doorbell, unless you like extremely challenging set-up processes. There was supposed to be a small screwdriver for the tiny screws at the back, which are the smallest screws in the world btw, but, alas, there was no screwdriver.

I’m even struggling to buy one to get the back off to insert the batteries.

I’ve tried to contact support four times now but no luck. So, I’ve currently got a brand new product I can’t use, with missing parts and can’t contact anyone for help. Avoid.”


“Works for me. Unit is outside six inches from the back door about 30 feet from the router. Cat sets it off every time, alerting the phone. I take it in and put it out again every time the cat goes in or out to save battery and so it doesn’t get too cold or wet. Would buy again. Took a couple of days to settle in, but I have been using it for about six months no problem. Odd false alarm, but I’m very happy with it.”

Hey! app overview

The Hey! app for iPhone and Android allows you remote control of your smart security system, along with any other Hey! smart home devices you purchase. The app is easy to navigate once you are familiar with the number of commands for each device. 

The interface can be organised into rooms or devices and provides options to manage your setup. It also allows you to create automations, or automated processes, that follow a pre-programmable routine. For example, the motion sensor can be set to turn on a light if movement is detected, either as a deterrent or to prevent tripping in a dark hallway. 

Best Hey! home security packages

Deluxe Smart Home Kit II: Best overall package 

Hey!’s Deluxe Smart Home Kit II can be paired with various smart home devices for a completely automated lifestyle. (Image credit: Hey!)

  • What you get: 
    • 1x Video doorbell
    • 1x Floodlight camera
    • 1x Motion sensor
    • 1x Contact sensor
    • 2x Smart light bulbs
    • 1x Smart power strip
    • 2x Smart plug
    • 1x Smart dome lamp
  • Upfront cost: £299.99
  • Monthly fee: N/A

For under £300, the Deluxe Smart Home Kit offers 10 devices that take care of your security needs and provides extra smart items that can enhance your security measures, while adding to your smart home arsenal. 

Not only do the doorbell and floodlight camera cover any suspicious activity around your property, but, via the Hey! app, you can programme the lights and anything connected to the smart plugs to switch on when triggered. If, for example, your doorbell camera is activated, it can trigger your internal lights and TV to switch on, giving the impression that your home is currently occupied. 

The devices are all simple to install, with only the floodlight taking more than a few minutes to set up. The instructions regarding connectivity are easy to follow, and we connected to the wifi router very quickly. 

We feel this package offers value for money in terms of the amount and quality of the equipment and how easy it is to install. Performance-wise, the video capturing was clear, and although we had one false alarm, we were generally impressed with the results. 

Hey! Security Kit: Best budget option 

By buying the Security Kit, customers will save £42 on buying the devices individually. (Hey!)

  • What you get: 
    • 1x Video doorbell
    • 1x Motion sensor
    • 2x Contact sensor
  • Upfront cost: £129.99
  • Monthly fee: N/A

The Hey! Security Kit is one of the cheapest home security packages available, and, although it only contains four items, thanks to Hey!’s device compatibility, the basic kit can be easily expanded, if necessary. However, this will come at an additional cost. 

The video doorbell has a wide-angle lens covering 120 degrees and motion detection, which alerts you to anyone approaching your property. The contact sensors can be placed on the back door or window, while the motion sensor could cover the main hallway.  

If you’re looking for an easy-to-install, budget option, or live in a flat with limited entry points, the Hey! Security Kit is one to consider. 

Ultra Surveillance Kit: Best for rural properties

The Ultra Surveillance Kit can secure a home inside and out. (Image credit: Hey!)

  • What you get: 
    • 1x Video doorbell
    • 1x External camera
    • 1x Floodlight camera
  • Upfront cost: £249.99
  • Monthly fee: N/A

Hey!’s Ultra Surveillance Kit focuses on a property’s exterior security, so if you have outbuildings or a large garden, this package could be a good option. 

All three cameras offer automatic night vision videoing capabilities with a range of up to 12 metres and covering an area of 120 degrees. Alert notifications are sent in real-time directly to your mobile phone via the app and footage can be streamed, enabling you to see exactly what’s going on and take appropriate action. 

Depending on the size of your home and its existing security measures, this package could benefit from door and window sensors, which would increase the price point. If you feel this is the case, it’s worth weighing the benefits of purchasing the Deluxe Smart Home Kit II instead. 

Our verdict

Hey! delivers an effective solution to home security with well-constructed products that can be relied upon. However, upon analysing its packages, our researchers felt that none of its four kits offered an entirely comprehensive solution. All would need additional products to create a completely-covered home security system.  

The Security Kit, at the lowest price point, includes contact sensors for doors or windows, while the two mid-range options, the Surveillance and Ultra Surveillance kits, rely on motion detection cameras, without including contact sensors. The Deluxe Smart Home Kit II, while including a floodlight camera and sensors, also comes with a range of smart home devices, which you’re paying for but might not need. It might have been better for Hey! to leave out the extra devices and focus on the security angle instead.  

Hey!’s catalogue lists a broad range of smart home devices, and it feels like home security packages are an afterthought. 

Rating: ★★★½

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To carefully compare Hey! to other home security systems, we analysed:

  • Reputation, including customer reviews
  • Variety of packages available
  • Security features and functionality
  • Upfront and contract pricing
  • Usability

For more information, read our article on how we review home security systems.