Best pet cameras 2024

Discover the best pet cameras on the market in 2024. In this guide, we look at some of the best options for a range of pet owners.

The best pet cameras can give peace of mind to busy pet owners and allow you to keep a close watch on how your animals are doing if you have to leave them in the house alone. While similar to indoor cameras in the best home security systems, pet cameras often have unique features such as the option to dispense treats.

Our picks for best pet camera 2024

Eufy Indoor Camera E220 Closer Pets TreatView Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser Ring Indoor Camera Furbo Dog Camera Furbo Cat Camera
Price £52.99 £79.99 £49.99 £199 £209
Resolution 2K 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Power Source Mains connection Mains connection Mains connection Mains connection Mains connection
Smart home integration Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa N/a Amazon Alexa and Google Home Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa
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There are several reasons why someone might want to install a pet camera, whether they want to keep an eye on their pets’ whereabouts while they leave the house, deter possible intruders or be able to speak to their pets through the two-way audio that the cameras often provide.


While there are plenty of pet cameras on the market, our top choice is the Eufy Indoor Camera E220, due to its reasonable price, high resolution and clever use of AI technology to detect motion and sound.

What to look out for in cameras for pets
  • Two-way audio: This is featured with every pet camera we’ve seen, as most people will want the option to speak to their pets as well as hearing what they’re up to when viewing the camera footage.
  • Camera quality: The most common resolution for pet camera footage is 1080p, but some cameras offer a higher resolution for a clearer picture.
  • Treat dispensing: Some pet cameras include a treat dispenser, which can be activated remotely, alongside the camera.
  • Storage: This will vary across different options, but some cameras allow you to store recorded footage on the Cloud or on a micro SD card, as well as sharing it with friends and family.
  • Monitoring subscription: The benefits of a professional monitoring subscription for a security camera is generally that the monitoring centre can notify the police or other services when there is a break-in or other risk. Generally, this isn’t necessary for a pet camera, though some cameras will require a subscription to unlock their most comprehensive features.

Eufy Indoor Camera E220: Best overall

Eufy’s indoor camera can double as a pet camera. (Adobe)

Key specifications

Specification Eufy Indoor Camera E220
Price £52.99
Resolution 2K
Two-way audio Yes
Night vision Yes, up to 32.8 feet
Pan or tilt 360 degrees pan, 96 degrees tilt
Treat dispenser No


High resolution footage. Wide viewing angle. Affordable price.


Resolution reduces to 1080p when viewing through Apple HomeKit.

While the E220 can be used as a standard indoor camera and not just a pet camera, we found that it had the most impressive array of features, and all for a very reasonable price. With a wide viewing angle (up to 360 degrees at the touch of a button) and range of pan or tilt movements, the camera follows the action unfolding in your house, storing footage either on a micro SD card (not included) or on the Cloud. Though it doesn’t connect to every single smart home system, if you’re a user of Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home, you’ll be able to use voice recognition to view footage on your chosen device and receive notification when motion is detected. 

When the camera detects motion, it’ll automatically follow the moving object, so if you’re checking up on your pets you’ll be able to see everything they’re up to – but you can also set up ‘activity zones’ via the Eufy app. Once these zones are chosen, you’ll only get notifications for the motion detected in these zones, but this can be changed as needed for different situations. 

Like with most Eufy security products, installation is simple, with a mounting bracket and screw pack included if you’d rather mount the device, alongside clear instructions. As well as the impressive 32.8 feet (or 10 metres) range of night vision and the high resolution, another upside of this camera is the built-in AI that works to decipher if the object in question is a pet or human. This feature doesn’t just know what it’s recording in order to give you relevant notifications of motion detection, it also tells the difference between different sounds, such as crying, so the camera actually doubles up as a baby monitor that can detect tears from a little one. You could also choose a two-, three- or four-pack bundle of cameras to ensure every room is covered.

Our verdict

An extremely affordable option that also delivers on a range of features, this pet camera is ideal if you want to detect the motion of humans (and possible intruders) as well as that of animals. Do note that it doesn’t include features such as a treat dispenser, but if your priority is keeping an eye on your pets and ensuring you’re notified of their movements, we think it’s the best option.

Closer Pets TreatView Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser: Best for treat training

Soothing anxious pets can be made easy with two-way audio. (CloserPets)

Key specifications

Specification Closer Pets TreatView Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser
Price £79.99
Resolution 1080p
Two-way audio Yes
Night vision Yes
Pan or tilt 130 degrees
Treat dispenser Yes


Keep track of when treats were dispensed via the app. Share and save video footage.


Not the nicest design. No smart home integration.

While this pet camera doesn’t integrate to smart home systems or feature the AI technology that our best overall pick offers, it’s a very affordable and comprehensive option if you’re more concerned about rewarding your pet and being able to see and speak to them whenever you like. As well as viewing, downloading and sharing footage of your pet from the app, you can also dispense treats at the touch of a button with the TreatView camera, so you can reward puppies while training, they can get a treat completely remotely.

The nifty and easy-to-install device combines the camera and treat dispenser in one package, and can either sit on the floor or be mounted onto the wall, if you’re worried about your pets doing damage. While the 130-degree viewing angle isn’t as wide as some others on this list, it’ll still give you a full picture of the room your pet is in, and is ideal for smaller properties. If you’re worried about giving out too many treats, there’s a schedule available to view in the app that’ll tell you the last time they were fed, and if you decide to add a second device in a different room, the app will keep an eye on both cameras for you.

Our verdict

This affordable option is a great choice for pet owners who want to keep an eye on their animals while also rewarding them for their good behaviour. We love how you can view, capture and record footage from the app whenever you choose, too.

Ring Indoor Pet Camera: Best value

The ability to pan and tilt and a wide field of vision is useful for use with pets that get restless when left alone. (Ring)

Key specifications

Specification Ring Indoor Pet Camera
Price £49.99
Resolution 1080p
Two-way audio Yes
Night vision Yes
Pan or tilt 143 degrees diagonal, 115 degrees horizontal, 59 degrees vertical
Treat dispenser No

This is the cheapest pet camera we’ve featured in this list, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the features you can enjoy. While you don’t have to add a monitoring subscription to receive motion-activated notifications or view live footage of your pets whenever you like, a Ring Protect subscription (£3.49/month) will unlock features such as the ability to rewatch, share or store footage in the Cloud for up to 180 days. 

However, even with the free self-monitoring option you’ll still be able to speak to your pets, see their activity with a wide-angle view, and set up ‘motion zones’ so that you’ll only be notified about movement in certain areas of the room. There’s also a physical privacy cover, which can be swivelled to cover and turn off the camera and the microphone, for times when you don’t want to monitor activity in your home. Plus, as well as connecting to Amazon Alexa for a smooth integration (Ring is now owned by Amazon, making this connection supposedly seamless), if you have any other Ring home security devices, they can all connect to each other, as well.

Our verdict

For an inexpensive, all-rounder pet camera that will give you a full view and plenty of control over what your pets are up to, Ring is an option worth considering. Plus, if you did want to add a monitoring subscription, this is also great value.

Furbo Dog Camera: Best for dogs

A high quality camera and night vision is useful for those with pets. (Furbo)

Key specifications

Specification Furbo Dog Camera
Price £199
Resolution 1080p
Two-way audio Yes
Night vision Yes
Pan or tilt Rotating 360 degrees
Treat dispenser Yes


Alerts include barking, person and home security. Up to 100 treats at a time can be stored and dispensed. Detection sensitivity can be customised.


Recordings stored on the Cloud only last up to 15 seconds. Expensive.

For a very comprehensive dog camera, Furbo is one of the best, but it does come with a high price tag. However, you will get what you pay for with plenty of unique features, such as sharing photos and videos with friends and family, custom detection sensitivity and a special ‘barking alert’ that notifies you when your dog is whining or barking. There’s also the option to add your own ‘snack call’, so it couldn’t be easier to use the included treat dispenser (you can also schedule treat tossing with Alexa or the accompanying app). 

While the video resolution isn’t quite as impressive as the Eufy option, you’ll still enjoy 1080p video quality, night vision, a 4x zoom and of course, two-way audio to communicate with your pets. You don’t need to purchase a subscription with the Furbo pet camera, but if you do choose to add-on the brand’s subscription, called Dog Nanny, it’s £6.99 per month for a basic plan, and £7.99 per month for the pro plan. These plans unlock features such as advanced barking alerts (which can detect continuous barking or excessive crying), as well as smart alerts that can tell the difference between dogs, people and home emergencies, notifying you in a different way for each one. Admittedly, some other pet cameras can do this without needing to subscribe to a plan, but we still think this is a great all-rounder option for dog owners. 

Our verdict

Furbo is one of the best brands for dog cameras, and while you’ll pay a little extra, this is one of the best options for larger dogs and puppies alike. Add on a subscription to make the most out of the camera.

Furbo Cat Camera: Best for cats

While cats are known for being independent creatures, keeping an eye on house cats while out of the house can prevent accidents. (Furbo)

Key specifications

Specification Furbo Cat Camera
Price £209
Resolution 1080p
Two-way audio Yes
Night vision Yes
Pan or tilt 360 degrees rotating
Treat dispenser Yes


Feather wand toy and treat dispenser to engage cats. Adjust the volume sensitivity for the meowing alert. Spill-proof design.


Features like ‘kitty diary’ and continuous meowing alerts are only available with a subscription.

It’s not always completely necessary to purchase a specific cat camera over a more general pet camera – after all, cats are known to be a lot more relaxed than dogs and far happier to be left alone. However, Furbo’s cat camera is really impressive, with a rotating 360-degree view, meowing alerts, treat dispensing and an attached feather wand to keep your kitty entertained.

With a slightly lower RRP than the Furbo Dog Camera, the brand’s cat camera works in a similar way, with the same 4x zoom option and spill proof design, but a wider-angle view to see what your cat’s up to. The colour night vision also becomes a more important feature here, arguably, due to the typical nocturnal activities of cats. Again, if you do want to add a monitoring subscription, Furbo Cat Nanny will ensure you receive notifications for things like the detection of possible vomiting, as well as the option to view, save and share a ‘kitty diary’, which will give you a picture of their day.

Our verdict

Similarly to the Furbo Dog Camera, this is a slightly more high-end option in terms of price. But we love the cat-specific features it includes, as well as the 360-degree wide-angle view and the option to engage your cat with a toy before rewarding them with a treat. 

Can you use a normal indoor security camera as a pet camera?

There’s nothing to stop you from using a regular indoor security camera to keep track of what your pets are up to. In fact, many of the typically-included features on indoor cameras – such as two-way audio, night vision and motion detection – will make for an ideal pet camera. However, there are some functions that you’ll only really find on a specific pet camera, such as the option to dispense treats. A ‘normal’ indoor camera also might have a lesser viewing angle, whereas pet cameras can provide up to 360 degrees of viewing.

Are pet cameras worth it?

The reasons for choosing to buy a pet camera will be personal to you and your furry friend, but if you’re going to be out of the house for a few hours and want to keep an eye on your pet, they’re generally a good investment, without the need to install a comprehensive security system. 

  • You’re often away from the house and your pets: If you need to be out of the house a lot, for example if you don’t work from home or you’re a frequent traveller, you might need to keep an eye on your pet more than others. This is also where features such as treat dispensing can come in handy.
  • You have a puppy, kitten or a pet new to your home: It can be hard to stay assured when leaving a new or very young pet. Pet cameras can give you a view of their day even when you can’t be there, as well as the ability to soothe them with your words via the two-way audio.
  • You have separation anxiety: It can be hard to leave a pet alone, especially if you haven’t had to do it much before. A pet camera can help you to feel close to your animals even if you’re not actually in the house with them. It can also soothe any anxiety your pet has.

Frequently asked questions about pet cameras

Yes, the majority of pet cameras, as with indoor security cameras more generally, work by connecting to your existing wifi connection. Make sure you do your research, though, as some camera will only be able to connect to one type of wifi (most wifi networks have the capacity to provide both a 2.4GHz or 5Ghz connection).

Yes – the majority of pet cameras we’ve included in this list do not require a subscription. In fact, when it comes to pet cameras, a monitoring subscription with monthly fees is often an add-on that’s offered, rather than something required by the company. Nevertheless, you should find that plenty of the most important features for a pet camera (motion detection, motion-activated notifications, two-way audio) are available without a subscription.

It’s important to decide which features are most important to you. If you’re on a budget, for example, we would recommend either the Ring Indoor Pet Camera or the eufy Indoor Camera E220, but if you want to splash out on all-singing, all-dancing pet camera that does everything (including dispensing treats), the Furbo pet cameras are known for being high-quality options.

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