The Q.Peak Duo BLK ML G9 375W solar panel is one of the most powerful residential solar panels manufactured by Qcells. Designed with Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology with zero gap cell layout, it can give a power output of 375W. It’s a high performing panel that can power your household in many different weather conditions. 

According to Qcells, they have closed the gap between cells on these solar panels, allowing them to fit more supercharged quantum cells into less space. This provides elevated module density, increasing the amount of power output. 

The panels have been tested in extreme weather conditions to ensure they can withstand any changes. Q.Peak Duo G9 panels are easy to install and you can use a professional installer to ensure safety and the right procedures are followed for best results. 

With a warranty period of 25 years, the Q.Peal Duo BLK ML G9 375W panel guarantees at least 86% of the initial power after this period. Qcells is also ranked very high as one of the top companies that sell solar panels. With a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on EcoWatch and 4.81 on Solar Reviews, it appears that customers are satisfied with this solar panel.

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Technical information

The Q.Peak Duo BLM ML G9 375W solar panel is designed to be long lasting. Featuring a sleek all-black design, the panel combines cutting-edge cell separation, innovative wiring and Q.ANTUM Technology that delivers impressive performance in real-life conditions. 

It has a peak efficiency of up to 20.1%, and provides up to 375W power output. It can be used in different weather conditions even when there’s low-light and low temperatures.

  • Range: 375W
  • Efficiency: 20.1%
  • Warranty: 12 years
  • Cost per panel: £184–£500 (excluding installation)

Key features

  • Highlights: This solar panel breaks the 20% efficiency barrier. It is equipped with Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology with zero gap cell layout which boosts module efficiency by up to 20.1%. This is the amount of sunlight that converts to electricity when it makes contact with the solar panel. Most solar panels on the market have efficiency ratings of 15%–20%
  • What it does: It is used on rooftop solar arrays in residential buildings, providing electricity even during winter when the sun is low. 
  • Warranty: This solar panel is a reliable investment because it has an inclusive 12-year product warranty that also comes with a 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • Cost: The costs vary greatly depending on the region. You should check the exact price in your area.

Pros and cons

Before paying for a solar panel to be installed in your home, office building or company, you need to know what benefits and downsides to expect. This allows you to make the best decision on the best option to buy. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the Q.Peak Duo BLK ML G9 375W solar panel.

The pros

  • Warranty: When buying this solar panel, you are making a good investment because it has a lengthy warranty period including a 12-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty.
  • High efficiency: Q.Peak Duo BLK ML G9 375W has a high efficiency that’s above 20%, thanks to the cell layout and technology used. This means that there’s no energy lost once the panels have been installed.
  • Fast payback time: Once you install the panels, the output levels are instantly high. Therefore, you’ll recoup money spent on installation quicker than other models.
  • Reduced electricity cost: If you use the Qcells solar calculator, you can find out roughly how much money you can save on your energy bills by installing their solar panels.
  • Extreme weather rating: These Q.Peak solar panels come installed with a high-tech aluminium alloy frame, which is certified for high snow and wind loads. Therefore, you can use them in every weather condition.

The cons

  • High costs: During the installation process, you’ll need to pay higher upfront costs thanks to the product’s premium specs. This can be costly if you have a limited budget.
  • Installation limitations: While these solar panels are ideal for installation on residential buildings, you’ll have to get other types of panel for a commercial or industrial building.

How does the Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 work?

Qcells Q.Antum Duo Z solar panels

Qcells uses their Q.Antum Duo Z technology to boost the efficiency of their solar panels. (Image credit: Qcells)

Once installed, this solar panel works by absorbing sunlight and converting this into electrical charges. Photovoltaics (PV) is the method of direct conversion of sunlight into electricity that you can use in your house or office. Solar cells generate direct current, which flows through the solar modules and to the inverter to be turned into usable alternating current. 

Since the cells of the Q.Peak Duo BLK ML G9 375W are connected without spaces, they can boost module efficiency and produce more power. The Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology ensures that the yields are still high even during cloudy days and during sunrise and sunset.

How does Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 compare with other solar panels?

This table is an overview of how Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 375W compares to other solar panels on the market. As you can see, other brands tend to have higher warranties, but the Q.Peak Duo BLK-G9 375W performance makes it a good choice.

Solar panel brandEfficiencySolar panel outputWarranty
Q.Peak Duo BLM ML G9 375W20.10%375W12 years
Sharp Sunsnap ND F2Q23514.40%325W25 years
Sunpower Maxeon22.80%400W40 years
Project Solar Evolution Ultramax19.34%345WLifetime
Panasonic HIT N 245W19.40%245W25 years

Compared to other solar panels, this Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 375W has a higher cell density. Thanks to the reduced distance between the busbars and additional tracks, these panels contribute to a 2% increase in performance. There are more conductor tracks, leading to optimised power flow and reduced resistance losses.

Additionally, Qcells halved the number of cells which increased power output by 3%. Unlike standard solar panels, the Qcells options have prioritised the efficient use of space. While a standard panel would use 11 modules to generate 3,795 Wp (watt peak – the maximum potential power generation capacity of a solar panel), the Qcells can generate more power output using fewer panels. Therefore, they are more efficient without compromising on quality.

How much does the Q.Peak Duo BLK ML G9 375W cost?

Before buying a solar panel system for your home, you also need to consider the price. According to online estimates, this panel costs an average of £160. When budgeting for a solar system, you need to keep in mind that after purchasing, you’ll still need to pay for installation and maintenance services; therefore, the budget might increase.

Solar panelAverage price per panel (excluding VAT)
Q.Peak Duo BLK ML G9 375WFrom £160
LG NeON H BiFacialFrom £300
SunPower Maxeon 3From £350

Installing your Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 solar panels

To install your solar panels, you need a professional. Qcells usually provide an installation manual to guide you. This manual includes all the technical specifications, requirements, mounting options, information on safety and transport and electrical layout.

In addition, you need to follow the installation and safety guidelines provided, especially on how you should carry, handle and fix the panels on your roof. It’s advisable to get a professional installer after you’ve bought the panels.

Maintaining Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 solar panels

These Qcells solar panels are known for their minimal maintenance costs and longevity. If you have dirt and grime, it will be washed away by rain. However, if the module is covered with debris, it will need to be cleaned to keep the panel functioning properly. 

The company recommends that the solar system should be inspected regularly by certified personnel. The intervals for the checks will depend on the circumstances, such as whether there is high humidity or ammonia content in the air. Additionally, inspections should be conducted after events such as hail storms or high snow loads to confirm that there is no damage to the system.

During cleaning, you can use a hose from the ground to rinse the solar panels. Alternatively, you can hire a professional for manual cleaning. A certified professional comes in handy when there is a lot of debris and dirt on the roof.

What the professionals say

“Qcells released this new G9 series which is the most advanced panel developed by the Korean and German R&D teams. With the new cell architecture, the high-density cells eliminate the vertical gaps between the cells increasing cell surface area and efficiency and performance. With this release, the company has maintained their position as a leading manufacturer of solar panels.”

“The latest G9 panels series can convert up to 21.7% of sunlight into electricity. This puts Qcells efficiency in a similar range as that of LG panels at 19.8% and 22.0%. Previously, the Qcells solar panels had lower efficiency rates but the company’s innovative high-density cell format has now increased efficiency by 4%.”

“Qcells solar panels are a high-quality choice because they come with a good warranty at a reasonable cost. They meet the standard set by other Tier 1 manufacturers and are well-known by customers. Once you buy them, they will last for many years and you can rely on the warranty if you ever need service.”

Customer reviews

“Amazing product with maximum efficiency. Reliable panels and would Recommend to others.”

“As far as the LGs went, I was told the Qcells were just as good, looked slightly better, and had the same exact warranty for a fraction of the cost. What’s better is I watched them install them, it’s literally two plugs on the back of the panel like disconnecting an electrical connector on a car to change a light bulb. I’m happy with them.”

“So far so good. Attractive all black panels with great performance for a competitive price. Can’t really ask for more than that!”

Dillon, SolarReviews

Final recommendation

The Q.Peak Duo BLK ML-G9 375W solar panel is a worthy investment for your home. It’s a high performing panel that can power your household in many different weather conditions. 

Thanks to the technology installed, it maximises efficiency and captures more energy than other standard panels. While it may cost you a bit to do the initial installation, in the long run, it’s quite economical because it saves you electricity costs. As you budget for the panels, consider installation and any maintenance costs that may arise.

Furthermore, these solar panels are reliable because they have a 25-year warranty. They also don’t need a lot of maintenance and you can use a certified professional to help you with the maintenance process if needed. In case you need to clean them, you can clean them from the ground using a garden hose.

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In order to conduct this in-depth review, we have analysed company technical information, multiple customer reviews, forums and media articles. We then created a 100-point scoring system to rate Q.Peak solar panels against: 

  • SolarReview ratings for a total of 15 points;
  • The warranty period provided by the company for a total of 15 points;
  • The price range of the solar panels, for a total of 5 points;
  • The brand’s reputation based on the online customer reviews, for a total of 10 points;
  • Maintenance and installation procedures from the company, for a total of 10 points;
  • Extreme weather rating, for a total of 10 points;
  • Solar panel efficiency ratings, for a total of 15 points;
  • Innovation and technology; for a total of 15 points; and
  • Use in residential buildings, for a total of 5 points.