Rachel Sadler, Author

Rachel is a writer for FMB, specialising in researching the very best purchases for around the home, including boilers, solar panels and windows. With a sharp eye for detail and careful consideration in recommendations, her voice provides clarity to any topic and her guides are informative and precise.

Rachel’s career began after she graduated from The University of Chester in 2016 with a degree in English Language. She moved to Hong Kong and started writing content as a staff writer for Asian media publications, Sassy Hong Kong, Localiiz and Bay Media. Rachel’s work there included island-wide news, lifestyle topics and fitness advice. Upon returning the the UK, she has written for home improvement publications, including The Independent and Architectural Digest. Her interests now include helping people make informed decisions about the investments they make in and around the home.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys visiting art galleries, film festivals and is currently on a quest to find the best fried chicken in her local area.

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