Britelite double glazing windows review

Britelite is an affordable, high-quality window brand. Read our Britelite windows review to find out if this company is a good fit for your home, budget and style preferences.

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Britelite offers triple and double glazing windows that suit a variety of homes, from modern to traditional. You can select from aluminium or uPVC window frames and five different styles: casement, sliding sash, traditional Residence 7 and 9, and secondary. Choose whether you want to finish your Britelite windows with decorative or frosted glass.

Britelite holds the BSI Kitemark for installation and offers an excellent after-sales service. A senior fitter will visit your home after installation to ensure everything has gone to plan. They will also provide tips to help you maintain your windows in the years to come. Your Britelite windows will be covered by a transferable warranty that is valid for 10 years.

Britelite’s double and triple-glazed windows will help reduce your energy bills, minimise sound pollution and improve security. The triple-glazed windows even come with a £1,000 anti-intrusion guarantee. 

Britelite says it offers the best price the first time around, so there’s no need to haggle. The company appears to prioritise price transparency, clearly stating what is and isn’t included. You can purchase your windows on finance with a representative APR of 8.9%.

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Technical information

Britelite sells aluminium and uPVC windows with either double or triple-glazed glass. Britelite windows have the BSI Kitemark, which ensures they are manufactured and fitted to the highest standards. Window installations come with transferable 10-year guarantees.

The company’s five-chambered windows feature soft-coated, low-E glass to maximise thermal and acoustic performance. Your Britelite windows will help keep you warm in winter, all while minimising your energy bills and reducing noise pollution.

  • Guarantee options: 10-year transferable guarantee
  • Price range: From £527 per window
  • Energy efficiency rating: A++ on standard triple-glazed windows
  • Secured by Design (SBD) rating: Britelite sells and installs SBD-accredited windows by U70, doors and windows by the UK Window Group and Unique Windows Systems, and sliding sash windows by Quickslide

Key features

Highlights: Transparent pricing and excellent after-sales service and security features.

Key benefit: Britelite offers affordable, high-quality double and triple-glazed windows and installation.

Memberships and certifications: Which? Trusted Trader, TrustMark, FENSA, GGF, Chartered Trading Standards Institute, Conservatory Association, BFRC, Triple-A, TGAS, TPS and MPS.

Styles: Britelite’s uPVC windows come in four styles: casement, traditional Residence 7 and 9 and sliding sash. Aluminium windows come in two styles: casement and secondary.

Image: uPVC casement windows by Britelite.

uPVC casement windows by Britelite. (Image credit: Britelite)

Pros and cons

Carefully consider the pros and cons of any window provider before you make a large investment.

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing your new windows from Britelite:

  • Showrooms: Customers in Kent and Essex can view Britelite windows in an attractive showroom setting to get a better idea of what they will look like when installed.
  • Triple glazing for even greater efficiency: Britelite’s A-rated triple-glazed windows are highly efficient. They are made from three glass panels with double argon gas-filled cavities to improve insulation.
  • Reduced condensation: Britelite’s uPVC triple-glazed windows are warmer than windows with metal spacer bars, which can reduce condensation (and thereby bacteria and mould) by 80%.
  • Security: Britelite windows feature a 10-point locking system to keep your home secure.
  • Expert fitters and aftercare: All Britelite fitters are fully trained and carry the BSI Kitemark for installation. A senior fitter will visit your house after installation to review the work and provide maintenance advice.
  • Price transparency: Britelite is known for price transparency, stating VAT and fitting costs upfront during the quotation phase.
  • Reputation: Britelite passed the Which? Trusted Trader assessment. This involved reference checks and customer consultations. Britelite is the first large window company to receive the Which? Trusted Trader award.

Choosing Britelite does have some disadvantages, including:

  • Limited choice: Unlike some of its competitors, Britelite only offers aluminium and uPVC window frames. What’s more, there are only four different styles to choose from.
  • Limited payment options: Britelite doesn’t offer as many finance options as its competitors.
  • Warranty: Britelite only offers a 10-year warranty, while many other window brands offer 20-year or even lifetime guarantees. 
  • Regional limitations: Britelite only operates in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey and London.

How do Britelite windows work?

Britelite’s double and triple-glazed windows feature an SAC multi-shoot bolt locking system and internal beading to help improve your home’s security and insulation. The windows are made up of two or three glass panels filled with gas to throw radiated heat back into the home and improve energy efficiency. All Britelite windows carry a BFRC “rainbow” label to reflect their energy-saving properties.

Visit the Britelite windows website to request an instant online quote. Alternatively, contact your local showroom to book an appointment or ask for advice.

How does Britelite compare to other window companies

Britelite is a good all-around option, as it offers a wide range of materials, styles and colours to choose from. Anglian is another good consideration. This brand is a real market leader in the double glazing industry, with a huge variety of uPVC and aluminium window styles with different colours to choose from. You should consider the fact that Anglian has received some negative online customer reviews. Its 3.8-star Trustpilot rating is lower than Britelite’s 4.1-star rating.

A bay window design by Britelite.

A bay window design by Britelite. (Image credit: Britelite)

If you are interested in longer warranties and you’re happy to pay a premium for your double glazing, look no further than Everest. Everest offers lifetime guarantees at an additional cost and 20-year standard guarantees on its stylish uPVC Exclusives range. This brand has an excellent 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot.

What do Britelite windows cost?

The final cost of Britelite windows will depend on the material, window size, accessories and glazing (double or triple); however, after speaking to the company, our researchers were given the following prices for a standard-size casement window:

Material Cost
uPVC From £527
Aluminium From £1,050

Maintaining Britelite windows

Britelite uPVC windows are low maintenance. You’ll just need to wipe down the frames twice a year to keep them in good condition. Use soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe and dry your frames, taking care not to get them too wet. Avoid using abrasive paste or cream-based cleaners. Ordinary dish-washing liquid is usually the safest option. Never paint your uPVC frames as this may damage them.

Aluminium frames don’t require much maintenance either. Abrasive cloths, bleach and other strong chemicals should be avoided as they can damage aluminium frames. Instead, wipe the frames with a soft cloth and mild household detergent or non-abrasive cream cleanser. An ink rubber can be used to remove stubborn stains. Always dry your frames with a cloth or towel after cleaning, and try not to damage the powder coating.

Clean your Britelite window panes with a standard commercial liquid spray cleaner. You can ask your installer for recommendations.

Customer reviews

John C, Trustpilot

“This is the second time I’ve used Britelite and found again that the full transaction, from the sales presentation to window fit, to be a pleasant and assured experience. All are very respectful to your property at all times, and I would gladly recommend them.”

Kevin, Trustpilot

“I’m generally pleased with the service received from Britelite. I had a bit of difficulty getting an answer to a query about what was included in the price, but when I spoke to the right lady, everything was resolved quickly. Ian, the fitter, was great; he worked hard all day and was able to show a high level of competence and expertise in installing the window and doors. It was obvious he knew the job inside out and handled himself with considerable confidence. Overall a very positive experience; I would happily recommend them and would use them again.”

Lauren, Trustpilot

“When a representative from Britelite first came, we were very impressed – he was polite and knowledgeable. We were, however, disappointed when, after waiting six months for an installation date and removing all the curtains and blinds (and having to arrange three days off work), our appointment was cancelled last minute (due to sickness) for well over another month. I do understand that these things happen, but after our windows and doors were installed, we were left with a number of problems – most significantly, one window wasn’t fitted properly, and after opening it, we were unable to close it again. We now just have to leave it open (thank goodness it’s summer!) and wait for a month for someone to come back and fix it – clearly not great for security reasons. We also were left with scaffolding up for two months (even though it took two days to fit the windows/doors), and when it was removed, a roof tile was knocked off. I have phoned Britelite so many times, and whilst everyone is very polite, promises of phone calls back never seemed to materialise, and I was typically passed from one person to another. Overall, I think we will be pleased with the windows, but given the amount of chasing and waiting we’ve had to do, I would not use them again.”

Final recommendation

Britelite is a high-quality, affordable window company – a good choice for homeowners in the South East of England. You won’t have a large variety of styles and materials to choose from, and Britelite’s warranties are standard, but many customers have had positive experiences with the company. It has a simple and honest approach to quoting and installation, which may appeal to you.

Britelite windows are ideal for homeowners who want a straightforward double or triple glazing solution with expert installation at a low cost. The company places a good deal of emphasis on security, with cutting-edge locking systems and innovative design solutions. Many of its products are SBD-accredited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Double glazing windows have a typical lifespan of around 25 to 30 years, and can sometimes last even longer than this. The actual lifespan of your double glazing windows will depend on your location and if your windows are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Double glazing windows also need to be maintained and cleaned in order to retain optimum efficiency.

In short, yes you can double glaze existing windows. This is what is known as secondary glazing, although not as energy efficient as double glazing, can still add some value to your home. The secondary pane of glass will be added to the interior window, but won’t be sealed like a double glazing unit. 

More often than now, double glazing windows get condensation due to poor air circulation or too much humidity in your home. Ideally you should aim to open your windows daily for a short time to remove the damp. If your double glazing windows have condensation on the inside pane of glass this might indicate that the seal is not working properly and should consider calling a professional.

Our methodology

Our team has read hundreds of customer reviews, professional opinion pieces, forums and technical documentation to compile this Britelite windows review.

We created a 100-point scoring system to rate Britelite and other window companies that assesses the features and characteristics homeowners care about most when buying new windows.

  • The type of double glazing material (uPVC, wooden, aluminium), for a total of 20 points;
  • The number of styles on offer, for a total of 10 points;
  • The energy efficiency rating held by the company, for a total of two to five points;
  • The level of security offered, for a total of 10 points;
  • The warranty period, for a total of two to five points depending on its length;
  • The company’s years of experience, for seven to 10 points;
  • The number of payment options, for a total of 15 points;
  • Britelite windows are ideal for homeowners who want a straightforward double or triple glazing solution with expert installation at a low cost. The company places a good deal of emphasis on security, with cutting-edge locking systems and innovative design solutions. Many of its products are SBD-accredited.

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