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When replacing your double glazing windows, you might also be wondering if it is worth replacing your doors too. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to installing new doors and windows in your home, and the top of that list is cost. It would first be helpful to know how much double glazing windows cost and how much doors cost separately. This way you can decide if you’d like to install both simultaneously or at different times.

In our guide, we’ll look at the various styles and types of doors on the market, as well as the materials used to make them and the benefits of installing doors and windows at the same time. 

In this guide we’ll explore the following:

Benefits of new doors and windows

Double glazing windows are a worthwhile energy-efficiency investment for your home. Most people don’t seem to consider the benefits of installing new doors as well as windows. However, installing new doors also comes with a wealth of benefits. 

Benefits of new doors:

  • Increased security
  • A well-insulated home, and less heat loss
  • Could reduce your energy bill 
  • For aesthetic purposes

Installing new windows and doors is one great option to improve the energy efficiency of your home. But don’t forget there may be other factors that contribute to your home’s heat loss that might also need to be considered or upgraded to create an energy efficient house.

How much do new doors and windows cost?

Double glazing windows and doors can be installed separately from one another, which is why we’ve researched what the costs for new doors would be.

This table outlines an average cost of what you can expect to pay for installing new doors in your home, according to our research. We gathered these prices by contacting the UK’s top installers, many of which told us prices are bespoke because their doors and windows are made to measure. The best way to get an accurate price for your project is to contact several installers for quotes.

Windows supplierComposite Front dooruPVC Back doorPatioFrenchBifold
Prices correct December 2022

The below table is the average cost of double glazing windows in the UK for 2022 including installation costs.

House typeAmount of windowsCost of all windowsInstallation
Prices correct December 2022

The average cost you can expect to pay for doors and windows in 2022 is around £5,000 to £6,000. Some companies also offer a discount for installing the two together.

Find out more about double glazing windows, or read our guides to find out more about uPVC windows and how double glazing works.

What companies offer doors and windows installation services?

There are a few things to consider when choosing which company you’d like to install your doors and windows. You’ll want to have a general idea of which styles, materials and how many doors and windows you need to install. Your geographical location is also important too, as not all installers cover all areas of the UK.

Installation cost is another factor here too; generally, installation costs are based on the number of days that it takes to install your doors and windows. This is why having both your doors and windows installed at the same time may help you save on costs. 

Companies who offer doors and windows:

Are there any deals for combined doors and windows installation?

Our research found that Britannia offers a discount of 20% to customers who wish to install doors and windows. This means that you would save on installation costs as well as product cost, so it is worthwhile considering installing the two simultaneously.

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Types of doors

Doors and windows. Two residential front doors, one yellow, one black with a drain pipe down the middle. The walls are red brick there are two side windows and lunette arches over the doors.

Customised front doors and windows are a great way to add character to your home. (Image credit: Adobe)

When it comes to installing new doors in your home, you might be wondering what types of doors are available. Typically, every UK home has a front and back door, and companies offer different types and styles for both of these. The main things to consider when choosing new doors is the material, how durable the door is and the appearance, all of which we discuss below.  

Double-glazed doors

Doors that have glass panes could allow for a large amount of heat loss in your home if double glazing is not used. Double-glazed doors are energy efficient and help to minimise heat loss. This in turn will work to keep your energy bills low. Another benefit of double-glazed doors is noise reduction and increased security for your home. 

Triple-glazed doors

Triple glazing is becoming a more popular glazing option in recent years. It’s similar to double glazing, but with a third pane of glass and an extra air gap. Triple-glazed doors will keep your home energy efficient, reduce noise and add security. However, it would be more costly than double glazing and the difference in benefits is very minimal.

Front and back doors

Two of the most important doors in your home are your front and back doors. First and foremost they add a level of security to your home. Secondary to this, they should keep your home well-insulated since most households’ heat loss is through doors and windows. 

A bit like double glazing windows, front and back doors come in four different materials – uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite.

How they work: front and back doors can open inwards or outwards and are fixed on one hinge.

Material typeBenefits
uPVCWide range of colour options available, easy to maintain, practical, long-lasting
AluminiumStrong and durable, modern, easy to maintain, slim frame, long-lasting and maintenance-free
TimberNatural, timeless and elegant, durable, long-lasting
CompositeNatural looking woodgrain, customisable, long-lasting and low maintenance

How to customise your front and back doors

Door colours

Most front and back doors are available in different colour options and finishes. Choosing a different coloured door can add character to your property. Some companies offer dual-coloured doors so that the inside can match your interior decor.  

Georgian bars

Just like on double glazing windows, you can also add Georgian bars to doors. The bars are customisable and can be placed in your chosen arrangement. They add a traditional period look to homes and the edges of the bars can be smooth or classically contoured. They are available in all different material types.


SmartLock is a modern way to lock and unlock your door from Yale. It allows you to unlock your door using your mobile phone or through a key fob. 


Doors can have glass panes that are available in different decorative glass options. You can opt for double glazing or triple glazing; this will ensure your door is still energy-efficient and minimises heat loss.

French doors

French doors and windows in white in a large, sunny room with a plant in front of one window.

French doors and windows are a popular way to bring lots of natural light into a room. (Image credit: Adobe)

French doors are typically chosen by homeowners as back doors. They create a stylish entrance into your back garden and are a great way to add security to your home without compromising on appearance. French doors open outwards, which means you won’t lose any indoor space, and since these doors are made up of multiple panes of glass you’ll maximise light in your home too.  

According to our extensive research, French doors come in three different materials – uPVC, timber and aluminium. 

How they work: doors open outwards and allow in lots of light and ventilation and maximise indoor space.

Material typeBenefits
uPVCHigh energy efficiency, won’t rot or rust, large colour range
TimberTraditional and authentic aesthetics, modern security features, different paint finishes available
AluminiumMinimal framing for maximum light, naturally strong and easy to maintain, different colour choices available

Patio doors

Doors and windows. A living room with a patio door leading to a wooden deck with a swimming pool in the background.

Patio doors can save space in smaller homes because they slide against each other rather than opening in and out. (Image credit: Adobe)

Patio doors are designed to seamlessly connect your home to the garden. Patio doors can also be a great choice for small homes where space is limited as they slide along into themselves rather than opening inwards or outwards. Since these types of doors are mostly made from glass, they can give your home a larger appearance. They’re also one of the most popular types of back doors in the UK, most likely because they’re stylish and easy to use. 

After researching the top glaziers in the UK we found that patio doors usually come in just two different material types – aluminium and uPVC.

How they work: doors are made to measure and slide along into themselves, allowing in a lot of natural light.

Material typeBenefits
uPVCEasy to maintain, won’t rot or rust, customisable, secure
AluminiumStylish, modern colour options, slim frame to let in lots of light

Bifold doors

Doors and windows. Beautiful garden and patio in summer as seen through large bifold doors.

Bifold doors are becoming popular because they can connect the inside of your home with the outside. (Image credit: Adobe)

Bifolding doors have gained a vast amount of popularity in UK homes. They’re one of the most stylish back door types that you could install and work to connect your home to the garden in a way that’s a little different to other door types. 

Made entirely of glass, this is an appealing feature for those who wish to bring the outside in. 

Our research suggests that bi-folding doors usually come in two different material types – aluminium and uPVC. 

How they work: made up of several panes of glass that fold back against the wall

Material typeBenefits
uPVCLow maintenance, durable, long-lasting
AluminiumDurable, energy-efficient, stylish

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