Bosch’s range of security devices are stylish and minimal to suit every home. (Bosch)

Bosch Home is a relative newcomer that only started producing smart home security products in 2016. Bosch has been fitting home appliances for decades, but its security devices are still quite new. Bosch offers four ready-made home security kits and an extensive range of indoor and outdoor security and smart home devices. 

Our researchers have reviewed Bosch’s home security packages and compared them to other leading home security brands. Our review focuses on the costs of Bosch’s kits, their features, the smart home app and customer reviews.


60-second review

Rating ★★★★


Bosch offers four ready-made home security packages with different levels of protection. All of Bosch’s packages are starter packs, but for larger homes, adding extra devices may be advisable. 


Bosch’s packages are wireless, and the system integrates well with all devices paired with a central hub. The Smart Home app includes excellent features, such as scenario creation based on your routine and different app permissions for different users. Overall, its starter kits are expensive compared to other brands. 

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Technical information

The Bosch Smart Home and Smart Camera apps allows users to connect devices and monitor activity throughout the house. (Bosch)

Bosch’s smart home security systems features can be controlled via the Bosch Smart Home app. The app allows you to customise scenarios and security alerts to suit your needs. For households with any of the Bosch cameras, the Bosch Smart Camera app can be integrated into the Smart Home app.

Bosch’s Security Starter Kit can be adapted to suit homes of all sizes. The package includes sensors and an alarm but is fully customisable, and you can choose to add any of Bosch’s smart home devices.

The Premium Outdoor Security Starter Kit is Bosch’s largest ready-made kit and is well suited to people who spend a lot of time away from home. The package guards your home inside and out and is similar to Bosch’s other packages, with a Smart Home Controller that connects all of your devices and a door and window contact that detects whether a door or window has been left open and sends a security alert via the app. 

The package includes the dual-function Smoke Alarm II, which sounds an alarm to warn you of a fire or an intruder. The Outdoor Siren protects the exterior of your home by deterring intruders; an alarm of up to 100dB is sounded, a red LED light flashes to alert you and you receive a security alert via the app. 

All of Bosch’s home security systems are customisable, but small and medium-sized homes should benefit from the Premium Indoor Security Starter Kit as is. The package is similar to the Security Starter kit but with additional devices, such as the Eyes Indoor Camera II and Plug Compact. 

This kit also includes a Plug Compact, which can convert traditional appliances into smart appliances. Its slim and compact design means it can plug into your socket without obstructing surrounding plugs. The Plug Compact can help you save on electricity when you set a timer to switch unused devices on or off. It also doubles up as a signal booster for other home security devices, such as motion detectors, and extends the signal range.

  • Installation type: DIY 
  • Price range: £309/95 to £929
  • Number of packages: Four
  • Monitoring: Self-monitoring

Key features

Highlights: Bosch has four ready-made home security packages, all of which are customisable. The packages are all starter kits and are well suited to beginners. 

Service: Each package can be tailored and customised as necessary. Optional Cloud+ subscription for €2.99 per month or €29.99 per year 

Warranty: Three or five year warranty

Key Benefit: Those who require a more comprehensive package can choose additional equipment from Bosch’s vast home security product selection. 

Pros and cons

Pros Customisable packages with the option to add devices from Bosch’s sizeable catalogue A dual-function smoke alarm that triggers an alarm for smoke and intruders The ability to create scenarios via the app to suit your needs and receive fewer false alarms
Cons High costs compared to other home security brands Only two pre-ready-made packages come with a camera

How the Bosch home security system works

The Starter Kit features enough devices to monitor a small- to medium-sized home. (Bosch)

The Bosch basic starter kit is small, but its devices sync seamlessly via the Smart Home Controller and connect to your Bosch Smart Home app, which allows you to create personalised scenarios for your alarms. This controller connects your home security and other smart home devices via the Zigbee wireless protocol and your broadband connection. It allows the devices in your home to communicate with each other wirelessly and enables you to control your smart home via voice assistants in your Bosch Smart Home app. 

The Bosch Motion Detector detects movement based on body heat and height. The smart device can differentiate between humans and pets using technology that recognises human movement, resulting in fewer false alarm triggers. Bosch’s Door/Window Contact II can detect open doors or windows and send a push notification via the Bosch Smart Home app. The device recognises that there are times when windows are opened for ventilation purposes, and its Sustainable Ventilation feature can turn down smart thermostats to avoid heat loss. The vibration sensor detects movement, comes with five in-built levels of sensitivity and can pair with your system’s alarm so that, if vibrations are detected, your alarm is triggered – all of which are customisable via the app.

The indoor camera has full-colour night vision and captures HD video with a 24/7 live stream that is viewable in the app. Its two-way audio function allows you to communicate with members of your household; if you don’t wish to record, you can retract the camera by tapping it with your finger or by using the app. If a security risk is detected, the camera can sound an alarm of up to 75 decibels (dB) and set off a red, flashing LED light.

The outdoor camera monitors the outside of your home. It records full-HD colour video and offers a 24/7 live feed via the app. The camera has an in-built motion sensor that detects movement and an image sensor that differentiates movement by humans and objects based on body heat.

How does Bosch compare to other home security systems?

When we compared Bosch with other home security brands, we discovered it’s more expensive and offers less. It’s more expensive than market leaders, such as Ring and SimpliSafe, and doesn’t offer a professional monitoring plan, unlike all other comparable brands. However, this means you can self-monitor Bosch’s systems and access all of its app features at no additional cost.

How much do Bosch home security systems cost?

Bosch offers four ready-made home security packages suitable for various security needs and home sizes. Its packages are customisable, with options to add additional cameras, sensors and alarms. Bosch’s home security packages come with no additional fees, and the kits can be installed DIY. There’s no professional monitoring plan available.

SystemCost (excluding installation and monthly monitoring)
BoschFrom £309.95 for basic package
YaleFrom £400 for basic package
RingFrom £219.99 for basic package
SimplisafeFrom £284.96 for basic package

What customers say

Bosch Home receives four out of a possible five stars on Trustpilot and is generally well liked, according to customer reviews. In particular, reviews note that Bosch’s customer service is quick and helpful, but delivery times can be slightly longer than expected.

Was good to have an online chat with a person and not a robot. My question was understood immediately by the agent (Charlotte) and a succinct answer was given quickly. That’s how it should be!”

“Excellent and prompt responses on issues raised via online chat. I cannot give 5 stars as prior telephone calls had vague responses and could not answer delivery timescales & tracking information. Bosch needs to review the online information detailed on delivery and what customer services script. 2 to 3 business day delivery became 3 to 5 days and the 2 to 3 is just a guideline and misleading information. Positive and quick response via the online messaging system.”

“Prompt response and knew what our issue was and informed us how to download the manual and what product we needed.”

Final verdict

The bottom line is that Bosch offers packages with decent devices and features – but they’re expensive. Bosch’s ready-made packages are described as starter packages, but they include options to add extra equipment, making them customisable. This may be suitable for some homes, but only two out of the four packages come with a camera, and all three packages only include one door and window sensor, effectively only guarding one level of your home.

Bosch has a respectable Trustpilot score of four out of five stars, and customers praise the company for good customer service. Its packages feature excellent equipment that you can create personalised scenarios for via the app. However, its packages are not the most comprehensive on the market, and you’ll most likely need to purchase additional equipment, so it might not be the best option for those who are budget conscious. 

Rating: ★★★★

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